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I am a 40 year old Indian lady from NJ, USA. After I came across some threads in this board about piercing, I would like to ask your suggestions and share my concerns with you. As I don't belong to current trend of generations with most of you, rather my daughter belongs to that age group, I guess you guys can share your views about this. I have a 17 year old daughter who was born in India and have been with us in USA since last eight years. My hubby is into post doc research into an university and hope to complete his papers by the end of next year and we wish to go back permanently to India then.
But as I had said, my daughter who grew her sense in this country, has been completely changed from the way we were brought up. It is our fault, we admit that we could not raise her up properly. But still, some reaons lie in these so-called american society too. Let me come to the actual point.
Since when my daughter was in 5th grade, she had some friends who were piercing freaks. They pierce navels, tongues even if genitals too. Since the she became fond of piercing too. Not like them, but some how she started liking holes in her body. I did not have piercing other than my ears. I tried to teach her, advise her, suggest her, that piercing is not a good thing to to look into. But she did not listen to me. I tried to become her friend and advise her. But she thought that I am a worst mother ever been.
Her father, my hubby did not have time to spend for his family and daughter. And even if he manages some time, she favors for my daughter without thinking that in details. When she was 13, I took her to the piercing pagoda to get her ears done with the second pairs of holes. As I said, I tried to become her friend and to be with her always, so I put on the second pair of holes in my ears too. Just to give her an idea that I can support second pair of ear piercing, but no where else. She loved her ears rings I guess. We both wear studs in ears and some times change between ourselves.
But as time went by, she thought of piercing her navel. I forbade that idea and resisted her from doing that. But her gesture became so keen and irresitable I tried to sit with her and listen what she's up to. She had no reason to show me rather saying, "...look Laila has that...see Julie has that...even Amrita has that too...". I know some people of the same age group has that, I can not scold them. I can scold my daughter, not the others daughter, isn't it. So one fine morning, I asked her, if she loves piercing, how bout nose? I knew nose piercing is quite common in Indians and women all over India wear nose rings. She jumped into that idea. I took her for nose piercing again. She insisted me for piercing my nose too. I was little hesitating. But agreed upon her request. We did the piercing together on our right nostril. It was a painful process, but the wound healed in two weeks. Intially we had nose rings and then chaged to stud after the ring started rotating. We bought couple of nose studs and started wearing them. Mine is quite big, traditional type and little heavier with a stone, and that weight had grown my piercing hole bigger. My daughter even likes to wear my nose stud. As she says, her stud is so tiny that is not visible, so she likes mine. And when she opens that from my nose, I hate showing of my nose piercing hole. It is dark and prominent, looks like a mole. My daughter, I feel ashamed to say, had become freaky likings to open and put the stud into my nose, and says sometimes she likes my deep piercing hole too.

My hubby never paid any attention to all these but after we got ourselves into nose piercing he liked my nose stud and grown freaky like my duaghter to play around with the nose ring. These has been continuing since last two-three years. But we developed a new peoblem recently. My duaghter who is 17 now has become too desparate to get her belly button done. I have been forbidding her since a long time. But she's not listening. She infact convinced my hubby to get her navel pierced and my hubby started taunting me about agreeing to her request and get mine done too. Like the way I gave her company in last two times. I am dead against this. Firstly, I mostly wear saree below my navel and I have a little flesh in my belly...that makes things worse to wear a ring there. Secondly, it is not socially acceptable in India still, I guess. But seeing some recent movies like "Road", my daughter convinced my hubby that Indian girls wear navel rings nowadays. And my hubby is now insisting me.

Can you guys really help me saying whether it has become a real trend in India? As we are heading back in the next year, I am curious to know. Is that a new fashion? Is nose piercing still a fashion too? I know I will look awful with rings in navel and nose, but I am concerned about my daughter.


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