What happens in the absence of reason, logic and principles

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We need to understand why the refusal to apply reason, logic and a set of principles, often not written even when claim they exist.

What would reason, logic and principles mean for some if they were to be applied and what they mean for others when they are not applied.

Points I considered:
a)the written and unwritten constitution where Britain has none written, but wrote that of Canada but was careful to insert a 'Notwithstanding clause'.
b)when one set of people are in dominant positions of power where the absence of reason, logic and principles rule and in the absence of written rules.

I am not trying to play Ghandi. I had very little knowledge of him before my Ordeals in Britain. It is because of my orderls in Britain I got interested in GHandi's principles. All I knew of him before was his position on the 'seven sins' and that he was a great leader.


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