Karnataka's Exports to Tamil Nadu

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Aee Indha peyaril oru there was a thread dont know what happened so I thought I will start again where Parthiban had started and left

Rajni - Taught Tamils to smoke and drink

Murali- Taught Tamils to chase females

Sangavi --Only contribution -- showing how to wear blouse with nipples visible and shake butts while getting wet.

Shirin -- I guess this is the starlet who appeared in two-piece in that Thulluvatho ilamai and let dhanush fondle her waist....and promises to drop clothes as long as "role demands it"--read I get money !


Kannadiga women have good assets and they go berserk flaunting it...I dont mind that and I believe if you got it flaunt it...but dont call it contribution or something....


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