Veeramani or Kozhaimani ?

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Can any one here come out with the reason for Veeramani (DK) supporting Jayalalitha ? Is it true that Jayalalitha has bought over Moothevi Moopanar, Veeramani and Ramdass ?

Intha moopanar moothevi ennaiki setthu tholaikirano annikkithaan Tamil Nadu urupdadum. Has he ever done any good for the TN people so far ? After seeing the death of a 11 month old baby (Anna Nagar Ramesh who committed sucide along with the family) in almost all the Tamil Weekly Magazine i have come to this conclusion that Moopanar and Veeramanis hands are equally blood stained as that of Actress Jaya. The funnies part is Kanja Karuppan (or Muthukaruppan Commissioner of Police, Chennai) says he will bring out the truth ? My ass, Kanja Karuppan, you and your family and the conspirators will have to answer the almighty one day.



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