Hindu mythological stories have in-depth meaning!

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We have so many stories that have some hidden, in-depth, deep philosophical truth.

For eg. Sun travels in a chariot that has one wheel and seven horses. One wheel means round shape and seven horses for seven colors (VIBGYOR).

Moon has 27 wives. Among 27 he likes Rohini more and stayís with her more time. If we take the literal meaning it might convey that moon is a womanizer. But 27 wives are the stars that come in the path of the moon and since it travels in an elliptical path it stays with Rohini more time.

Are these things mere coincidence or this is what they wanted to convey?

I wonder why they didnít tell these things directly. There are so many stories out there and some of you might have found the hidden message. I want you to tell if you have something interesting to say like above.



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