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It is so easy to forgive an enemy.
How do you forgive a friend or a family member? How do you forgive a friend who betrayed your trust?
How do you forgive a family member who has brought disgrace to the family?
How do you forgive a spouse/partner who cheats on you?
How do you forgive a parent who fails in his/her duty to his/her children.
How do you forgive a child who brings disgrace to his/her parents?
Should you even forgive in such cases? Can you hold displeasure or anger forever?
Are you a bad or a little-hearted person if you cant forgive?
Are you a pushover or are you a big-hearted person if you easily forgive?

I know that my questions are general and vague and have no specific situations. But we all have been in one or more of such situations in our lives or have seen it happen to others. Please post your thoughts, experiences, decisions, etc.



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