Hindu men should also show respect and loyalty to wives as well!

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Jai Karunamayi!

Below is a transcript of an e-mail I sent to the ashram in Hawaii at the end of January. It is titled, "Hindu men show respect and loyalty to wives as well".


From: rajneesh@telusplanet.net
To: webmaster@hindu.org
Date: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 6:49 PM
Subject: Hindu men should show respect and loyalty
to wives as well!

From: rajneesh@telusplanet.net

Dear sir,
Many times in my years as a Hindu devotee, I have heard many things like Hindu women should respect husband and be loyal to him etc.. Well, you know what? The same rule also applies to Hindu men. And, it should! Just like if a Hindu woman backstabs her husband, he has the right to be upset with and hurt by her, she has the exact same right to be angry at her husband and what not if he went to the bar and didn't get back until two in the morning or he had his ex wife in the house while she was absent. I as a Hindu man am sworn to respect and be loyal to the Hindu woman I hope to marry someday. I can guarantee you that if 5 years from now, I marry a Hindu woman and I vow to her I will respect and be faithful and loyal to her, she will see that I follw that and obey her. And at some point I break the vow and disobey her wishes by going out until 3:30am and not telling her where I have been, or letting unwanted persons into her home, I will see the wrath of my Hindu wife. (Whoa! Rice Cooker City, Here I come!) Also, I do NOT believe that men have special privelages that allow men to cheat or lie to their wives. Just as I believe a Hindu woman should show love, respect,
etc to her husband, the Hindu man, I believe, should do exactly the same thing, RESPECT HIS WIFE, FOR SHE HAS THE SAME RIGHTS IN MARRIAGE!

That means,

1)Not letting unwanted people in the house.
2)No going out until the wee hours of the night without phoning sugarplum and telling her where he is.
3)Carrying his part of the load
4)All out doing what his wife expects of him
5)And no speaking dispespectfully to her or
slandering/hitting her!

These are rules that should be abided to by all married Hindu men and no acceptions!
Thank you for a few minutes of your time.
Skanthavelu Nadarajah

PS: If you very much agree with what I said in this e-mail, please e-mail me back and tell me what you think. But, If you think that a man shouldn't have to obey and be faithful to his wife
and he should tyrannize his wife, don't even bother e-mailing me.

Please tell me what you think of the above transcript. nanRi! Jai Karunamayi!


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