A Highly Prejudiced and Insensitive essay on Tamil Brahmins wins a Prestigious Non Fiction Essay Competition

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Outlook Picador Non Fiction Competition is conducted by the outlook magazine.Last year an essay by Saryu Ahuja under the Pseudonym S A Srivatsa was selected by the panel.The essay left me completely shocked.Being a tamilian myself,the prejudice and insensitivity in that essay would hurt any tamilian.

But what is more inexplicable is that this essay being selected for the top prize.If the author of this racist piece has a sick mind, then the panel which selected this essay for the top prize has persons with equally a sicker mind.

Here are the links


Even some Non Tamilians protest


Here are a few questions I would like to ask.I
resisted my urge not to pay attention to this essay but due to my anger i just could not ignore.

1.Will a publication like the Hindu or frontline
publish an essay similar like this one attacking north indians ?

2.Or should we not protest this insensitive piece on tamilians just to be 'Indian'?

3.What is the ideal way to counter such notorious
writing if there is indeed one ?

4.The author says the tamils who came to mumbai grabbed the oppurtunities while the maharashtrians were involved in freedom struggle.What about the lakhs of Maharashtrians who have settled in thanjavur ? Has the dravidian movement ever attacked them ? Is there a equivalent of shiv sena in TN ?

C'mon. There is a limit to hypocrisy.


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