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Dear Indian Friends,

As you all know, I am an Eelam Tamil, [and of course, many guess it right who I am ;-). That's not the point, anyway].

Before the peace pact between LTTE-Sri Lankan government, there is a point for Indian media to be harsh on Eelam Tamils with the 'special attention' to LTTE. Their main complaint is based on the argument, "LTTE is a terrorist organization." Except a few (like "Deccan Herald") rest of the Indian media almost kept the Eelam Tamils plight & sufferings in darkness or distorted the facts while reporting the Sri Lankan affairs. Some media (Like The Hindu groups and Hindustan Times) merely presented Sri Lankan government point of view and more than all they just presented what the Sri Lankan government media published. THeir lame excuse for this behavior was that they can not enter into North-east of the island or they have to run a business that should not be hindered by the SL government.

Now, the pact is signed. Whatever the reasons are LTTE 'behaves' in the way these media wanted it behave before the pact. Even the Sri Lankan government media has changed its attitude (for the obvious reason). However, the Indian media (especially the English media) still accuses Eelam Tamils. If any of you has followed what HT's P. K. Balachanddran and TH's Nirupama Subraminiyan write all things bad about Eelam Tamils and LTTE [even if we forget about Mr.. Ram's power-broker attempts between Sri Lankan President&ex-foreign minister and his powerful friends in India (especially, in TamilNadu)]

I want sincere response from you (Indians, especially Indian Tamilians) on the following questions.

1. What do you think about Indian media's attitudes towards Eelam Tamils?

2. Do you think it respresents what a common Indian (Tamilian) thinks or does it force its own wistful thinking on the Indian mass?

3. What would your advice to the Indian media?

4. How do you think the Eelam Tamils confront or react for this Media bais (if you think so)?

I would appreciate your sincere and DECENT answers.

I hope and wish VP, Expat, Nisala, anti & bro Braminic forces and other trouble makers won't the cyberjack this thread with mudslinging and digression.

I plead them not to do so

If anyone wnats to flame, other decent fellows just ignore him or her as it's not worthy to take such person into account.

Thank you very much.


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