In Chennai & Tamilnadu FIR costs Rs.1000 -2000

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In Chennai & Tamilnadu FIR costs Rs.1000 -2000

In Tamilnadu a normal person cannot get a FIR or his case registered unless he/she pays Rs.1000 to 2000/-. Police stations are big business centres.
Over that most of the cases are solved with the power of money in Panchayat way by police themselves. In most cases complainant is threatened by police itself and often threatened to be arrested by planting cases, so no body prefers going to Police station. A normal inspector in Tamilnadu police station makes nothing less than 50000 to 200000 a month depending on the locality.
There are nearly 1000 rape cases goes unnoticed here and nearly 100 rapes are hapenning in police station itself in remote areas. We would have heard of nearly 10 custodial rapes in Chennai city alone in last few years, that we know because it is big city, but what about rural areas, everything goes unnoticed. What administration or government is doing by involving such mafia police in Tamilnadu. I am not writing this to degrade the state , but tobring out some facts, It is happneing in other states also. But now Tamilnadu isgoing beyond control in every crimes.

Such police eats up lot of money specially when there are cases involved with MNCs, foreign banks( Credit cards),insurance FIR and when accused is financially stronger-the complainant is often taken for ride and threatened and sometimes punished by forging dubious cases.



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