Should Tamil Brahmins give up their distinct dialect?

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Tamil has several dialects and the Brahmin dialect is one of them. It is a Sanskritised version of chaste Tamil.

Some members have postulated that this sets the Brahmins apart. So, they claim, Brahmins should cease from speaking their distinct dialect in the larger interests of the society. That would be a panacea for all caste divides in TN.

That makes me wonder, then why is it that the Devars in Madurai go about hacking the Dalits who speak the same dialect as theirs? Why is it that the Vanniars in SA go about hacking the Dalits who speak the same dialtect as theirs? If speaking the same dialect sould be a cure all then we should not have these clashes at all, right?

Further, those who ask Brahmins in TN to give up their dialect never ask Muslims to desist from speaking Urdu. If Brahmins speaking a Sanskritised version of chaste Tamil can be dubbed comunal, what would you dub the Muslims speaking a very alien language? Yet, we never hear any such demands from the same people who spend all their time hating Brahmins. I guess there are different yardsticks for different folks.

If you can claim that Brahmins giving up their dialect can promote unity, by the same breadth can those who tried to impose Hindi on all and sundry claim that they were justified? If, as these Brahmin baiters claim, giving up a dialect can bring about unity of all castes in TN, then by the same logic won't giving up Tamil, Telugu, Marathi etc. in favour of Hindi bring about national unity?

That consigns the very premise of the argument to dustbin. This world is not monochromatic. It is full of colours. Hence, many languages and many dialects naturally enhance the hue.


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