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Since late January, I have been attempting to learn how to speak in Tamil(I can speak a little bit). I learned Tamil alphabet in 1997 and have learned the odd words since then. It has been very difficult for me as I have been learning it by myself and also experienced much confusion as how to say things in Tamil.

For "May I sit here?", one person will tell me, "It is, ingE amaralamaa?" Another person would say, "No, no, no... It is ingE okkaralamaa?" Now I do not know whether, I will eat with my fingers is "kaiya vaitthu sappidalamaa" or "kaiyaal sappidalaaamaa" or if I am hungry is "enakku romba pasikkudhunga" or "enakku nanRaa pasikkudhu". "eppidi irukkiReenga?" vs "sugamaa?" vs "neengE eppidi?"

Aiyo! My brain hurts from all of the confusion. I hope someone can help me. I really want to learn Tamil. But all this confusion and learning by myself had really made it hard for me. :( And the sheets from the Internet which I use only provide examples. I need actual lesson books which will give me everything on how to put together sentences/paragraphs. If I were to have such books and were in close contact with Tamils and get assisistance from various people, that would help me alot. nanRi!


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