AMERICA; "Land of Blind Sheep..."

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AMERICA, "Land of Blind Sheep...."
Randy L. Dixon - a real Patriot

Date: Tuesday, 23 July 2002, at 6:34 p.m.

I will get right to my point.............
Not all Americans are fooled by atrocities committed by our own leaders in the name of fighting terrorist. However the majority are deceived for lack of my unique perspective.

Hell terrorist in another name would be the American freedom fighters who rebelled against racist England in the first place as do many in Northern Ireland today.

Many of us are not going to allow our US Government to become a Global Tyranny as it is now. Not without one hell of a good fight.

We all do not buy the War on Terrorism but rather it is an excuse to control a growing Hispanic and other minority populations in "Politically White Dominated" America. Hey and I'm white but that don't mean I can't see color ..and the motives of US Government Officials who used to whisper their contempt of my previously unknown association to Hispanics (two Puerto Rican brothers and currently huge Puerto Rican family) with insulting racist diatribe. I was even officially forbid to write in Spanish by a US Army General! So much for the US Constitution........... now many see just how far that mentality of control is headed, as even now we prepare our US Military forces to create a first ever American Police State reminiscent of Israel's.

Perhaps one day the US Military will roll into my Barrio(town) with tanks to seek out all the dissidents against a US Military Tyranny. We are not far from that day now as US Military Aircraft fly extremely low level "Training Missions" directly over my rural farm house here in the Mountains of Puerto Rico.

What could they be possible training for? Perhaps when US Congress gives them the final green light to round up the remaining dissidents I think quietly to myself? Already Puerto Rican Citizens have been arrested kicking and screaming from their homes "But I'm an American Citizen" on orders of a local US Army General. The FBI told the General they had no grounds to arrest these individuals, so the General proceeded to use Military Police violating the US Constitution's protections of Civilians.

Funny how no American wants to believe it could happen to them. Hey it's only Puerto Ricans (are American Citizens too but no one remembers that as they are illegally imprisoned)..... they think to themselves.

The fact much of 911 was caused by our own government leader's greed and corruption (selling Arms to Israel as one cause and effect)that has come home to roost. The recent loss of faith over the stock market and decline cause by a few greedy men...who went from controlling corporations to controlling America's Military has not escaped us either. Example: Thomas White Army Secretary former ENRON CEO.

A few of us as former US Government once dedicated employees and once soldiers are true Patriots but the men who now control government are not there for patriotism....they are there to reap a profit and control the growing races.

I did not come by all this by accident...... I was targeted when I attempted to expose it and it's corruption as a dedicated federal park officer/FEMA in the Department of Defense under the US Army and it's cowardly Generals.

I have a webpage at " " , that basically tells how I feel even though I'm not very good at articulating my feelings sometimes.

I have been more than betrayed by my own government... my children's futures have been stolen from them and ..if I can't convince fellow Americans we need to imprison the criminals befroe they run our country into a bloody WAR of no return for our children.

Call it the impending Holocaust of all minorities in America as else where too perhaps.

Perhaps I am an infidel to members of this list as an American, HOWEVER.. I'm not sure anymore what I am..... religiously, politically, socially, I only know the pride of once being an American is a light that now fades with the blackness from the evil and greed in powerful men's hearts. Men known to me as my former Military and Government leaders who have betrayed not only me but an entire planet who deserve freedom and peace from tyranny as "they" profit from the destruction of innocent human lives.

I am becoming a man without a Nation, without hope, without justice..... all because I believed in my US Marine military training of HONOR, True selfless Patriotism, a belief in a God that knows all, was far supreme than personal profit or gain as I attempted to fight a WAR against corruption and greed that now has enslaved a once great Nation my beloved America.

I believed in my Oath of Office, so Help me God ----- I would not sell my eternal soul for earthly profit.

Randy L. Dixon


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