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What did the Mallu scientist do on reaching the moon?
He tested the soil if it was fit to plant tapioca.

The plane in which two mallus who were traveling crashed over an ocean. Once in the water other passengers swam for floats to keep themselves afloat but the Mallus swam towards the cargo portion collecting lemons to make lemon juice.

Why do Mallus wear Mundu? Because in the Monsoon flood the mundu can be tucked upwards as the water rises.

Who served Tensing & Hillary hot tea on reaching the mount Everest? A Thallassery Mallu.

What can be done to put a Mallu to dilemma ? Offer him fish curry and kaLLu (toddy) and ask him to choose only one of them.

Why did the mallu go to Vatican? To listen ‘Pop’ music.

Where on do you not find a Mallu?

Why do Mallus wear beard?


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