Why do Indians do well outside India?

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Even though Indians are a micro-minority in USA, their accomplishments usually stand out in various fields such as science, business, engineering, medicine, and spiritual leadership.

They are the same Indians if they were in India, and would have been slogging through their lives for a pittance and not making much headway.

If Ramanujan were living in India, he would have have been a lower divisional clerk with idiosyncratic pastime with numbers. He had to go to UK to get his work known. I suppose Chandrasekhar had to go to US to get his nobel prize in Physics.

What is it in India that holds back the great geniuses and accomplished artists?

When I thought about it my few jottings on that are as below:
- Indian diaspora is a self selecting group of people with high initiative and well developed skill set. Obviously they will succeed wherever they are.
-There are very limited opportunities for the highly skilled people in India because of its poverty; this does not wash well since China starting at a lower level than India is leap frogging into modernity with the input from its expatriates.
-The system is rigged to keep the people with high creativity and skill down e.g. nepotism, corruption, ignorance, caste considerations, illiteracy.
-The world view developed by Indian religion is anti-progressive; this does not wash well either since the people who succeed here are the same people with the same religion in India.
-The population is so immense, the geniuses get diluted and swamped by the mediocrity.
-There is no meritocracy in India
-Very poor governance with people like Tansi Rani Jeyalalithaa, Fodder Laloo Prasad Yadav and Miloscevic Modi leading the masses astray.

It will be immensely interesting to get other ideas from every one who had thought about this possibly from different angle.



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