Jesus in the Gospels: Man, Myth or God

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"This “Christian” Emperor…returned home from [the Council of] Nicaea and had

his wife suffocated and his son murdered. He deliberately remained unbaptized until his

deathbed so that he could continue his atrocities and still receive forgiveness of sins and a

guaranteed place in heaven by being baptized at the last moment. Although he had his “spin doctor”

Eusebius compose a suitably obsequious biography for him, he was actually a monster—just like many

Roman Emperors before him. Is it really at all surprising that a “history” of the origins of Christianity

created by an employee in the service of a Roman tyrant should turn out to be a pack of lies?"

"History is indeed written by the victors.

The creation of an appropriate history has always
been part of the arsenal of political manipulation. The Roman

Church created a history of the triumph of Literalist Christianity in

much the same partisan way that, two millennia later, Hollywood created

tales of “cowboys and Indians” to relate “how the West was won” not “how

the West was lost.” History is not simply related, it is created…All too often…it

is simply [used] to glorify and justify the status quo. Such histories conceal

as much as they reveal."

"Are these distinctive happenings unique to the Christians—and if so,

how are they unique? Or are ours to be accounted myths and theirs believed?

What reasons do the Christians give for the distinctiveness of their beliefs? In truth

there is nothing at all unusual about what the Christians believe, except that they believe

it to the exclusion of more comprehensive truths about God."

" Eminent Historians have again and again proved that the 'jesus' of christians never existed. He was a bas.tardised version of the earlier legends and myths "

"There is evidence in the Gospels that there was a cloud over Jesus' birth. The idea of supernatural impregnation by the Holy Spirit of Mary makes a good myth, but for the rational person it is only myth when confronted with the reality of the biology of conception. Even with the best efforts of the church to impose this belief on the faithful, a Renaissance artist expressed his disbelief by painting the Annunciation with a large funnel in the clouds, its long tapered end reaching earth and disappearing under Mary's dress. "


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