Thanthai Periyar - A revolutionary Leader.

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The "revolution" which Periyar brought about was a bloodless one and he had to spend more than fifty years of his life opening the eyes of People to their want of education-and consequent backwardness, their faith in superstitions, the deception and exploitation to which they are subjected by cunning people and also on the need for them to develop self-respect and self-confidence. It is interesting to note the Term 'self-respect' as used by Periyar includes the three concepts liberty, equality and fraternity which Voltaire and other French revolutionists exhorted their countrymen to acquire. Periyar repeatedly and feelingly spoke about Women’s liberation.

Please come forward to discuss about Thanthai - The one and only Revolutionary leader of Dravida Community. All young chaps has to read and know about our unforgottable leader.

Leader of Justice Thanthai Periyar.


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