Subrahmanyam Swami- the most intelligent person in TN politics.

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You may like him or hate him. But I hope all will agree on my above statement. He is a one-man army fighting against the peculiar Dravidan politics in TN. His strategy was as tactful as that the English played in India during their establishment of rule here. But the English was supported by strong military force also, whereas he has only his intelligence to his support.
He joined hand with one of the Dravidan party and attacked and defamed the other. He went on changing his allies and in fact whole TN rallied behind his allegations at one point or another. He criticized and fought with Jaya in a stronger way than Karunanidhi and won the hearts of average DMK cadres. Similarly he attacked Karunanidhi in a way that Jaya and her cadres will appreciate. In front of the general public both Jaya and Kalainjar were defamed where as Swami has nothing to lose.
Jaya probably has the ‘Dravida’ only in her party name and the Dravida politics is going to make a silent exit with the defeated and worried Karunanidhi. People like Maran are more committed to Vajpayee than to the Dravida politics.
The victorious story of Swami is not ending here. I wont be surprised if tomorrow, he joints hands with some one like Veerappan and fight against Jaya as an alternative to the confused DMK after Kalainjar’s exit from politics.

The end of Dravidan politics may have a positive or negative impact on TN. Whatever it may be, the main credit shall go to Swami – the Chanakya of TN politics


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