Any cure for Lymphoedema?

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I need your assistance in finding out the best herbal remedy/yoga asana for my problem. I was infected with filariasis following a mosquito bite in 2002 January. It was cured by administering Diethyl Carbamizine (Banocide) Tablets. As a side effect the lymphatic vessels on the LEFT foot got blocked, especially below the toe and the next limb, where there is a fluid collection to the size of a small bubble. I have difficulty in walking and there is NUMBNESS around the affected area. The doctors say that the fluid called lymph is blocked and must be drained back to the blood system. That is, the blood circulation must be improved on the left foot. In allopathy, the problem is called LYMPHOEDEMA.

Kindly advise the best herbal remedy/yogic posture and exercise to improve the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid on the left foot. I am male, 47 years old and of medium build.


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