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Hello all;

I am an TSQL/VB6 programmer, I work as a database developer, I would like to know few programmers, so that we can help each others out, I would be much obliged & grateful,if anyone would help me.


q)I have the following table in SQL server 7

Create table employee
( empid int not null,
empname char(25),
empadd1 char(50),

The field empname has the following values

Jhon smith
Jhon crawley
Jhon blah blah

I want to replace the string "jhon" (just that bit) with John, without changing the rest of the characters in empname field.

replace function like

select replace ('empname','Jhon',John')
does not work as it replaces the whole string in the field.

should I decalare empname as variable of character type or use textptr to do this ?

many thanks


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