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William Daniel Gilchrist, a.k.a. SKANTHAVELU NADARAJAH, has been arrested in Edmonton, Canada. The circumstances are somewhat peculiar. He was seen outside a Hindu Temple, asking a 12-yr old girl (name undisclosed), if she likes to learn Tamil with him. She refused, but he kept pestering her. The mother of the little girl, who was standing a few fet away and talking to someone, quickly rushed to the scene. But she was too late. According to witnesses, Nadarajah was heard shouting "Jai Karunamayi!" several times, as he grabbed the little girl and rushed to his unlocked car. The keys already in the ignition, Nadarajah quickly drove off. Local police were quickly notified, and began tailing him. Finally, after a 3-hr long car chase, Nadarajah surrendered to police. He is being held, on bail, at the Edmonton Police station. Trial has been scheduled for an undisclosed date.

- R. Overson,

Press Spokesman,

Edmonton Metropolitan Police Division


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