Saddam Hussein Captured - due to inherent inequality in Islam

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Saddam Hussein has been captured.

Saddam Hussein was captured by getting vital clue from the tribal clans of Iraq. Saddam Hussein's personal body guards were always from his own tribe -Beijat . The US army took into custody some of them who were very close to Saddam.He was in sage hiding among his tribesmen in Tikrit.

Pan Islamism and Islamic brotherhood are a hoax!!

Finally they caught him from that rat hole using the information collected from them.

Those who know real Islam know that in Islam, there is greater inequality. The tribal affinities and clan loyalties rule the Middle East from where this satanic cult originated.

More muslims have died out of intra-sectarian clashes and tribal feuds .... and simply no comparison with the racist-church or the caste ridden Hindu society.

The once ruler was looking like a rat! Thanks to Islamic 'equality'. Thanks to Pagan sense of civilisation, he was treated with due courtesy and humanity. One instantly remembers the behaviour of Islamic aggressors - how the Taliban behaved, how saddam himself would have treated Bush had bush been captured like this.

A day of victory to the civilised world. Let's hope that the world is cleansed of islamic and christian fundamentalism and mental retardness!


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