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I am a guy aged 21.I feel as if I am bisexual.The problem started right from my high school.I was 14 years old.I was in 8th std I think then.One of my class sir showed much affection towards me alone in my class.I started loving him without knowing I am loving the wrong sex.I did not even know what love actually was at that time.Then the love vanished after 1 year.Then I started loving 11 of my classmate guy when I was in 10th.That love too seemed to got vanished within a year.Then I entered the higher secondary and I fell in love with 1 of my tuitionmate.Later I found that love too meaniongless and that too started fading.

Now the problem seems to be different.Some days before I started chatting with some guys thro net.The problem was that I was in the id of a girl.I enjoyed the chat indeed and so I continued pretending myself as a girl before them.Then 1 day a guy told me that he loves me so much.He asked my contact no and told that he wants to meet me.I did not take it seriously then.Later I stopped chatting with him for some days and then when I came again he told me that he wants to see me.I didntr know what to do.I indeed enjoyed hgis love thro chat.I just adjusted and told that he should concentrate in studies and that i would meet him after the completion of his studies.He got emotionally upset and told me that he would die.I will be no longer able to see him and that I would read his death in the newspaper.Now I have understood my fault and I am much upset.


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