please help me.. need sincere advice.

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hello there.

I am really having this prob and i just cant get it off my head. It has been 4 years and i still cant forget it. And at times, i do sit and cry and start regreting the choices i did before.

The stories goes like this.. i had this guy and we were really close in our relationship. We did not have sex but our relationship was quite intimate. We were physically close where we do touch each other but we never had sex.

Now, i feel really guilty... i am even scared to get involve in another relationship or even to think of getting married. I am wondering if i have to tell my future husband the truth or just ignore what happened before and start a new life.... i am also scared if i meet that fella in future and he spoils my life... and etc... all the tamil pic stuff comes in my mind.... Please help me.

But, if i tell my husband the truth surely he will bring it out when we have a fight and who knows if he can really accept it ...

is it a big bad thing (what i did before). I am still a virgin... please give me any good advice. Please.


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