Would it be morally right to idolise Bobby Fischer?

Topic started by Alter ego (Yes, that's me, back after a long, long time) (@ medsc113.bham.ac.uk) on Sun May 11 15:01:39 .
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You know folks, Bobby Fischer certainly mystifies me. The story of his rise to chess superstardom is certainly an amazing one, the way in which he defeated the might of the (then) Soviet Chess juggernaut being the stuff of legend. It is said that the key to his success, apart from his incredible memory and extraordinary IQ was his dedication to the game. I do find it inspirational. Yet, I also have to say that I find the other aspects of his persona quite disgusting. He is a paranoid racist, and I find I am not comfortable with drawing inspiration from such a character. What do you guys think? Is it acceptable to idolise him?


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