we indians r using below standard products

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i have often heard this phrase that u will get any thing in india.now i feel u have to add this to it that u get everything in india which lack quality.we indians r using below standard products.the discovery of coke contaminated with pesticides show the signs of our ignorant consumption.and i cannot blame the consumers bcoz they do not hav standards against which comparison with the product they use can be made.livivg outside india i would like to share my experiences about this matter.in the country where i stay at present, the soft drinks taste totally different and better than ours though the product is of the same parent company. and i hav noticed that this is not the case with soft drinks alone.in india, foreign cars are made qualityless,that they end up in work shops soon after they r purchased.an indian consumer will not have much idea about the matter.but a person like me living outside india can say that same car performs up to the expectations a consumer has about a multinational company.in case of medicines too this symptom has been noticed.when iwas in india recently,i fell sick. vicks is the normal thing we apply when we get sick.but i just couldnt sense the indian vicks .my mom had bought a vicks from abroad and man u should have seen the difference.i sensed it and had great feeling. the indian vicks is a shame to vicks company.the indian vicks co is spoilng the image of the parent co as well as creating a feature called blind acceptance.a lot of people buy vicks bcoz of the reputation it enjoys world wide.a normal indian would never know that he is using an inferior one bcoz he hasnt used the best of vicks. this policy of creating lower quality products should be ended.y are the products of multinational companies sold at different standards in different countries?these companies should stop this sort of selling.a consumer whether rich or poor,wise or ignorant is a human being.moreover the consumers r not using the products for free.they pay a price.the truth is u cant cheat someone for long bcoz truth can never be hidden.let the best be made and sold.the govt should not compromise on this matter. y do we have to consume such qualityless products? bcoz we r indians ?no way.every payment on these products comes from our effort to earn a living.y do u have to waste ur earning on something useless.god has given everyone brains.we consumers should not fall prey to such activities.


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