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During the long period after SNDP was established in Kerala none of its leaders has told that it can unite with Bharatheeya Jana Sangham. Perhaps, there may be national business interests of SNDP leaders behind this effort of alliance. How SreeNarayaneeyars can join with BJP workers who mainly spread hate against Christianity and Islam. Hitherto and even today, most of the Ezhava-Thiyya members entrust in Left politics. BJP or Jana Sangh could not win more than 8% voter support in Kerala history even after trying in many tactics and tying with many parties which claimed full support of almost all Hindu castes. Ezhavas should have serious thought whether the direction of SNDP leadership is right or wrong.
My dear Ezhava community member in Hindu religion, I am a beleiver in Islam. You are my neighbour. Yesterday and today, we had walked, eaten and slept together. When the religous discourse of Abdussamad Samadani or MM Akbar was conducted in our town, we had gone together to hear it. When you went to Varkala for Theerthadanam wearing yellow (not saffron)dress I had come to your home to sent off you. I can't even imagine a day on which Narendra Modis are brought up from your community in harmonious Kerala. If you talk narrow mindedly to me tomorrow as a Bajrang Dal extremist it will be painful not only for me, even for our soil and coconut trees.
Hence, I humbly request you with national and loving sense to keep BJP away with a decree of 'aiytham' as almost all Ezhava-Thiyya brothers has done till today.


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