Hindu Culture and Traidtions in America.

Topic started by Surya (@ on Tue Mar 9 15:35:41 EST 2004.
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Gladly hinduism is growing in the US. Just in the bay area, three new temples have come up due to the hindu population, but it seems that the only ppl that seem to come to these temples are ppl in there 20's and up. But u don't see kids say in their teens or younger knowing much about their hindu culture and religion. I'm trying to get the temples in california to also start cultural school, so the parents who are hindus can send their kids to these schools, to learn about their hindu heritage, and philosophies. Hinduism must stay strong even in the young minds in america. Give a responce to this. And also give me ur ideas. ANYTHING POSTED BY ANTI HINDUS WILL BE IGNORED.


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