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Osho Meditation Camp, Shimla HP
29-31 August
Inauguration: Evening, 28 August
Venue: Star Resorts, Fagu Heights, Shimla

Contribution: Rs. 2000/=per person
(Shared Accomodation with two people.)

Osho Meditation Camp in Khajuraho
20-22 September
Inauguration: Evening, 19 September

Conducted by Swami Chaitanya Keerti

Contact: Swami Ganga Bharti
Hotel Harmony, Jain Mandir Road, Khajuraho (MP) 471606
Phone: 07686-274135

Swami Rajesh
Hotel Zen, Jain Mandir Road, Khajuraho (MP) 474606
Phone: 07686-274228

Swami Prem Darshan, New Delhi:
Phone: 011-26325760, 55651494

Contribution: 600/= per person, Dormitory Accomodation

Khajuraho or Konarak -- if you meditate there, you will know what the Tantra
masters were doing. They were creating in stone something that is felt in the
ultimate orgasmic joy. It was the most difficult thing to do, to bring ecstasy
into the stone. And if the stone can show the ecstasy, then everybody can move
into that ecstasy easily.

Khajuraho sculpture is not just to see, it is for meditation. Sit silently and
meditate for hours. If one goes to Khajuraho, one should live at least for three
months there, so he can meditate on each possible inner posture of orgasmic joy.
And then, slowly slowly, the at-onement, slowly slowly, the harmony; then
suddenly you are transported into another world -- the world of those mystics
who created this temple. This is objective art.
Osho: The Book of Wisdom
Chapter #24
Chapter title: Bring in the New Man

Khajuraho simply depicts you. It is the human story in stone; it is the human
dance in stone -- from the lowest to the highest rung, from the many to one,
from love to meditation, from the other to one's own emptiness and aloneness.
Courageous were the people who created these temples. And they had a vision that
is my approach too. Tantra is my approach. The still point is shown together
with the turning world.
Osho: Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind
Chapter #10

Swami Chaitanya Keerti
Osho World Foundation
BG-09, Ansal Plaza
Khelgaon Marg
New Delhi-110049
Phone:011-2626 1616/7
Fax: 011-2626 1618


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