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All are God's Prophets or Messengers.
They come from same father.
Their spirit is one from GOD.

1. They have laid the foundation of the oneness of God and summoned all to universal peace.

2. They taught the same truth and reflected the same light.

3. Their appearances have been successive and related.

4. They have one foundation,
Their teachings, proofs and evidences are ONE.

5. In name and form they differ, but in reality they agree and the same.

GOD is ONE book.
Each Messengers revealed different chapter in the God's divine book.Each chapter has its unique lesson for mankind to fit at that time of need.

THis teachers are like skilled physicians.So they prescribe a healing medicine to the world.They not only prescribe, also they give instructions to follow.That instructions such as LAW, PRAYERS,LOVE ETC...

Some people fond of Krishna, they ignore others.
Many like christ, they say Jesus is only Son of God.
All religions has its own spiritual cycles.God is sending his representative to educate and heal the sickness of mankind in every age & time.God knows everything.He makes plan for us.So we no need to argue.Be happy!!!

Any comments r welcome.


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