There is censorship on this board !!!!!!!!

Topic started by poda-poooooo (@ on Thu Nov 13 23:28:14 EST 2003.
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I had posted a harmless message with the
subject header saying "which castes do these
people belong to " and asking for information
for a few people including 2 former chief ministers of TN and a few film actors, actresses

I dont see why this should by itself offend
anyone !!!!!!!!!

I think this kind of censorship is extremely
CRUDE and STUPID in this day and age!!!!! It
reminds of the PURATCHI THALAIVIDHI kind of
high-handedness !!!!!!!!!!

If you want to see examples of what is offensive
and may offend anyone, you can go to the Tamilnadu
History in this forum and see what all trashy
offensive messages are posted there !!!!!!!!!


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