108 Questions to Sankara Mutt :

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All human bodies after death are either buried or burned, and there is no difference in their perishable state. Do you deny this fact?

Can you deny the fact that a person would be lacking in understanding, if he attempts to judge another person as superior or inferior by birth based on the perishable body rather than taking into consideration the quality of the mind?
Can you deny the fact that the man who thinks about the common good of the world society is superior, and the one who is interested in only his personal welfare like animals, without any regard and respect for the common good of others, is inferior?
Is it not an animal nature that works only for the welfare of the self? Would you not consider one as selfish and satanic if he destroys the common good of the world society for the sake of his selfish aims? Do you deny this fact?
Is it not a divine nature to sacrifice one's own welfare for the sake of the world community? Do you disagree with the fact that such people who sacrifice their own well-being for the sake of the welfare of the world, are truly spiritual leaders?

Do you not put on the spiritual garb to make the
world believe that you offer yourself for the welfare of the world community?

Did not your predecessors follow the same tradition? If that is so, can you attest to the fact that the Sankara Mutt has overcome all inclination to strive for selfish motives and exists only for the welfare of the human society all over the world, in keeping with your spiritual appearance?

Can you afford to state that you cherish a policy of self sacrifice with a view to promote the general welfare of the people of the world without partiality, that is practised by you in your day to day life and that your spiritual garb and behavior are in accordance with the above policy?


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