Dear Beloved Forumhubbers...forgive me..

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Hi all Forumhubbers....if not only because of this forumhub discussions..i would have gone half crazy ...becos i am in loneliness in a city in Russia ..far away from parents....and i am living alone.....for education.
The reason i am writing this is that i want you all to forgive me .I am in a great distress....i am regretting for being a stonehearted person in the past....i am looking for a type of penance....
i am too religious and kind..but sometimes i turn out to be a cruel and rude guy,,,,i dont know why.....i get angry and i dont think...
Recently just two days ago ..i had my very good friend as a guest came visiting me planning to stay in my house for a week....after a very very unreasonable anger(of mine)..i asked him to go(his city is 600 kilometers far away)..he was so depressed and immediately left for the next train.
After some hours... i began crying for what i have done to him...he has come all the way(600km) to see me but why didn't i take care of i am regretting...i am supposed not to do this...and i am not the kind of person who would do like this.....till now i am crying.....and i called him a few times...but he informed his friend that he is not willing to talk to anyone.......i have destroyed a friends feeling.....what a most cruel guy i am....i dont deserve to get any friends......
Just 5 months ago....another incident happenned THAT after my semster break...i was in my home(with my mother and siblings).My mother she lovingly cooks for me what i like to eat....but one day after eating a very delicious food cooked by my mother......she said she will do mre what like(since that was my vacation time and after that vacation i have to come back to russia)..after she has said that.. i started asking her why the table in the kithchen was so untidy ........and started a minor arguement...she started crying and said so difficultly and concernly she has prepared all the dish...and despite of all this i am being like this.....she was crying and crying....
Dear Forumhubbers i am the most sinful guy in this world...i dontknow why i am doing all this at sometimes........i am looking for ManaShaanthi......and forgiveness...Would you all forgive me.....i dont know whther my mother or my friend of mine will forgive me or not....but would you all.....??


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