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SHANKARACHARYA OF PURI, NIRANJAN DEV TEERTH, one of the BRAHMINS' supreme Spiritual leaders, gave an interview to the Kalyan (Hindu) monthly magazine. Extracts are given below:
Q: "Maharaj! if a Shudra acts righteously, can he become a Brahmin?"

A: "If the Shudra acts according to his code and keeps within the limit of Varnashrama he may become a Brahmin in the next birth - but never in the present."

Q: "Is the belief in the caste system essential?"

A: "Yes, it is very essential. There can be no PROGRESS without belief in caste system.

Q: "Maharaj! The change of caste depends on deeds and virtues."

A: "No, it depends on birth and not on deeds. Caste depends on birth, deeds cannot change it. This is an IRREFUTABLE TRUTH".

At the inaugurating of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (RSS Branch) at Patna in April 1969, the Shankaracharya (of course he is a Brahmin! ) said: "Untouchabitity is a part and parcel of Hindu social system, I shall cling to this belief even if they HANG ME. "

On Low Caste Hindus! Have a look and see what the Brahmin MANU says (Chapter VIII Sloka 4,14). "Slavery is inborn among the Shudras and no one can free them from it".

The Brahmin MANU again says in Chapter 19, Sloka 413: "Sri Brahmin had intended from eternity that the Untouchables should be born slaves, live as slaves, and die as slaves."

On another occasion the Acharya said that there was no way out for a woman who becomes a widow other than to commit Sati. He said he will oppose the Sati law even if the Government of India HANGS him.

Instead of sending him to prison, according to the Indian constitution, this fanatic priest is often visited and worshipped by the top Brahmin leaders in India.


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