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Attending at a farewell dinner of VP in September 1991, the Commissioner of Income Tax read out apology for a last minute absence of a member due to attend, then added “But we are honoured by the presence of a former Income Tax Officer, a former Sales Tax man, a Gold Medallist of humanities and a merit holder of Law”.

Every one applauded and turned their heads, eager to spot these illustrious fellow guests. You needn’t look around “T P S Tyagi, Bar president explained impishly” That is VP”. It worried my father not a bit that in his later years few remembered his remarkable career. A fearless champion of the honest taxpayers, the exploited, the victims of injustice, his tough working bettered the lives of many.

Once I told him that the opening chapter of my autobiography should be titled” How I learned to be the true son of a great father” he was genuinely started. He didn’t ever thought of himself as great.

He was great being of high height and thin set with grey hair and pro-black eyes, my father looked a true Brahman and was moreover intensely proud of his Brahminism, declaring”. Brahmins are like everybody else, only more so”. “He himself was extraordinary because he embodied so many qualities to which some men only aspire.

First come his absolute integrity. His standards of personal morality were so high, in fact, which I never once, heard him utter a swearword, nor did he gamble.
My three elder's sisters, one younger brother and I was brought up to look on the essence of realities of life as a means of trying to get something for nothing. He delighted in helping others. He always worked for others. He used to visit the people regularly, whenever he came to know about their illness. He walked on his foot to know about them and wished speedy recovery for them. He enjoyed walking. His long steps in walking always left my mother to follow him. He used to walk for some minutes & stood on the roadside waiting for my mother to join, When she reached him, he immediately started again and stood on roadside after few yards to wait for my mother. We children, whenever, accompained them always found ourselves in between.

He defined himself as an immoralist “ One who believes that the present is, on the whole, better than the past, and that the future may be better still, but effort is needed to make it so”. His temperament was buoyant. Whenever we hesitated on our front door step, wondering whether to venture for a walk because the sky looked threatening, he would usage it cheerfully. “If in doubt, go out”.

Regarding charity, he had a clear vision, if going for the charity. Don’t tell the left hand ‘what the right has given’’. He had few but selected friends of his choice. He always greeted his guests as thay arrived at his house. He had great love and affection for younger brothers and high respects for elders.

SARGODHA-The birthplace

One of my father’s favourites says was “It is only by doing things that you can find, what, you can do”. This was certainly true of his own father who, soon after the 1947 partition left Sargodha, a small town of West Punjab now in Pakistan and failed to brought his family together to live in India. All the family members one by one and in small groups entered the new boundaries of their new country and one by one met at Amritsar.

Sargodha of District Shahphar was located at the river Jhelum, one of five rivers that titled the name of Punjab. Sargodha town had a railway Junction in 1947. The main bazar was called railway bazar and nears to the railway junction. Outside the station the chappar shops were there to provide Lassi etc. The town was devided in Blocks.The population was mixed up of Hindu and Muslims.The enviorment was not very communal. In the year 1940,when a communal riots broke out, a Sufi /saint of 'MK' name, popularly known as khichri wale baba had appealed both the communities to keep peace. But one fire was shot from the crowd and this hit the baba. Both the communities had joined the final rites together. Though it was known that he was an orphan but the last procession had drawn thousands of people from both the communities. He was a known figure of the town and was known for his appeal for the daily food as 'Garam Garam Kichri, Tatta tatta Gyo, Khao mere putro, mai tuvada pyo
. (Eat hot Khichri {a dish made out from rice and pulse} has given by me as father to my sons).

Sargodha was not our orignal place. The journey led by the father of VP started from the remote village of wadhi, probably our's ancesstors original place of stay. The name of Kolaval and chikrala village also attached to this village wadhi. It was a twin village. On the way to Sargodha from wadhi, there was a place called Chawni (Cantonment) .At sargodha they stayed in Block No.10 near Gol Khu -Gol Chowk.From that gol Khu, there was a street in right hand and the fifth house in the street was their residence. It was a rented house and the landlord name was Budh Ram Gulati.

His mother ''Saraswati Devi” D/o Pt. Ram Chand and Smt. Piari popularly known as “Babey” was a very labourious woman dedicated to homework. As per my father, he inherited the nature of hard labour from her. She was the strongest personality in their family. She has given the birth to ten children; seven of them were male while three were females. Pt Ram Chand although remained Grasthi (married Life) but was worshipped like a Saint and Guruji. His perdictions always came true, hence people had a great faith in his visions and versions.

The Journey started by Pt. Ram Chand Sharma, third son of Pt Kansi Ram and Smt. Ganeshi from the village wadhi, halted at Sargodha and finally ended at Saharanpur. Though he died at Kanpur and the distance between the Wadhi to Kanpur is more than 1000 K.M.Pt Ram Chand's personal life journey took a route of Wadhi / kolawal to Chawni, Sargodha to Amritsar then Saharanpur and ended at Kanpur

Though the papas youth came and grown up at Saharanpur but I have seen a love in inner of his heart for the Sargodha town. He was very much in touch of those who belonged to Sargodha, His birth city. There are number of people of Sargodha who are in Meerut, Papa joined them in their functions and followed the practice till his death. It was 1971, when a war with Pakistan broke out. Indian fighter planes bombard the Sargodha air base. He didn’t receive the news with joy, he attained a low blood pressure for this news, and this was his great love for his birthplace.

AMRITSAR -The partition of 1947

He was 14 at the time of partition. His father a noted Brahman scholar popularly known as “lalaji” reached Amritsar with empty pockets. Some fellow passengers picked his pockets though he tightly kept the money in the inner below the shirt. He secured the money from the sale proceeds of households. The small groups comprising Shri Hansraj, Shri Om Prakash and Maya Bua reached Amritsar by bus while Kaushalya taiji, her elder son Satish bhai and VP left Sargodha by air .All reached Amritsar and it took approx two months to reunite the family. It was hunger for all. At 14 VP decided to do some thing and went to house earlier inhabited by some Muslims, later ransacked, looted & lighted. He dig the burnt earth and took possession of burnt wooden (karries) logs. He sold the same in the open market & carried cash to his home for making livlihood possible. Small professions (hawkers) were also choosen by his two younger brothers, Krishan and Narendra at the age of 11 and 8.

At Amritsar, the family stayed at a Sikh house at Shukl Kund. At Pakistan, the train headed towards India was looted & Muslims killed all the passengers in a very gruesome inhuman manner. To take a revenge, At Amritsar, a train to Pakistan had returned by the same tit for tat behavior from the Hindus, that landlord Sikh joined the people to kill Muslims with his sword. The same night VP slept next bed to him on roof and for the whole night couldn’t sleep fearing from that Sikh & his sword. The train in which VP's father was travelling alongwith other family members from Sargodha was forcefully halted at Shahdara (30 miles from Lahore) with an intention to loot and kill the passengers. The Train of Pathans also reached there with deadly weapons to masscare. It was a deadly hunger and thrist for Hindus Blood in Muslims.Fortunately A Gorha platoon was posted there which contrabanded their intentions. Later the passengers were brought safe to Lahore by trucks and buses for their journey to Amritsar.

It was a short stay at Amritsar but the family could not forget the painful period passed at Amritsar. With No money, a young death and with no permanent home, Amritsar could not be forgotten.

Then family decided to leave Amritsar. Everyone was going to Delhi and the family decided not to go there. The reason was clear, the Sargodha people were heading towards Saharanpur, the first city of United provinces, now known as Uttar Pradesh (U.P.). The permits were required to enter in united provinces. The family also thought to move Kanpur, where in laws of the elder brother Dr. Hansraj resided, but ultimately the family decided to move to Saharanpur.

Dr. Hansraj had shifted to Kanpur.At Saharanpur they stayed at Kakar Ganj. The family probably considered the Sargodha people movement & VP parents had been to Saharanpur till their death. This place was a next door from a popular shop Sargodha Mishtan Bhandar.There was a unique smell of red chillies and spices on the enterence of the house. The said smell is so well built in the heart and breath that whenever I go to some mandi etc. and encountered the same smell, i recolect my memoriers attached to the Kakar Ganj and surprisingly it's as fresh as it was twenty five years back. There was a deep and big well in the house and open air Bath and a Kitchen.

The matters appearing herewith are based on my memory as my father told it to me. There were not a numbers of discussions with him, there were the few and the same are as alive as today. Whenever any one got an opportunity to talk to VP in detail, VP gave them so much of himself that virtually it was a New World of possibilities for them. He did the same for a lot of people of his circle. He said later 'We gain a true place in life only by giving ourselves to others.'

At large the people think that he has a simple and happy life, but I happened to know something of its complexities and sadness.

AMRITSAR-The deep impact

These painful incidents had probably made a deep impact on VP life. Throughout his life, he didn’t laugh so much. He didn’t enjoy anything too much, probably a fear was there. He was always serious and through out his life, he hated irresponsibility by any one. He loved hard working and always praised those who work hard. It was a very genuine question from me when I asked about his nature. Why didn’t you join any happy functioning and share laugh with all? I asked. He didn’t reply.

Once he told about his questionable seriousness. It was basically their family stay at Amritsar. At Amritsar, His elder brother Jagannath Aged 25, who just had passed his SHASTRI, fell ill. At 11.00 p.m his mother told him to call a Doctor because of deteriorating health of his elder brother. It was a partition days. A terror was there. Doctor's didn’t ready to go home and he had to passed the night on road. In the early morning, when he reached his home with Doctor, the time had already passed. His elder brother had breathed last in the late night hours. The whole family shocked by this incident. His elder brother was just three-month-old married and just passed out his SHASTRI. The whole family was looking to him as a proud son but God didn’t wish.

My father carried a sense of quilt of his behavior of that winter night and probably lived his whole life in quilt. The sufferings have not stopped here. His elder sister'' SHANTI ''also died in Delhi while delivering a baby .She left two children and later her husband was remarried at Meerut. The children also died later and a relationship had ended with a pain full sorrow note. For every family who passed through that difficult time during partition has proved to the world that through labour and intellect, the impossible could be made possible. From the homeless stage, the families had first fought for the hunger then establish their identity in the new country without any material support from the Government.

From the Gorernment, the family got claim by way of a small house at Ambala.The claim was in the name of Pt.Ram Chand and he happily handed over to his widow bhabhi. She lived there in her lifetime and thereafter the same was transferred to a Son of Maya Bua.Around 1990 they have sold the same. This was the only fixed asset left by Pt.Ram Chand and the emotional value attached to the same can't be determined. Som Bhai used to talk about building a Dhanvantri House there but it never happened. We the children of next generation never saw that house. It was unfortunate.

On dated 24th March 1947 Lord Mountbatten assumed office as Viceroy and on 3rd June1947 broadcast a declaration laying down the method. In this declaration he mentioned about the Boundary Commission to define the boundaries of the Hindu and Muslim Provinces in Punjab and Bengal. Later Punjab and Bengal had been divided in to two. The west Punjab had gone to Pakistan while the East Punjab to India.It was an unlogical division and a hasty decision by Lord to prove his efficiency before the English Crown .At a fine morning millions of people had attained homeless. Riots broke out killing Lacs of people.15th August 1947, which saw the end of the long drawn National Struggle against British rule is a red letter day in the history of India.This date will ever remain engraved in the hearts of millions of her people.

SAHARANPUR-The youthful years

His childhood became youth during his stay at Kakar Ganj. He grown up in studying Bejoria School took tutions of his younger classes and some time of his own classmates. He was fond of walking and every evening took a long walk of Beri Bag, Dehradun Chowk, Ghantaghar, Ambala Road etc. He passed out his Highschool in the year 1949 from Baldeo Das Bijoria High School, Saharanpur and the Intermediate in the year 1952 from Government Higher Secondary School, Saharanpur.

His Mother Nature was a kind though strong and rigid. One day she called Harish Bhai, and gave money to install a handpump on roadside near beri bag. In the Fifties, Hand Pump was not an ordinarily thing. The cost was much and the most strong point in this charity, that she didn’t tell any body about it. The elder son Harish of only surviving sister “Maya Devi” was used to live with their family at Kakar Ganj. He came close to his mamas and known for his good nature. In one of a family marriage function, he told me plainly that he is going to retire and his appointment/ confirmation was made only by the efforts of VP through his friend Seth Sushil Kumar, owners of the sugar mills. However through out his life I never heard of it from the VP tongue .He spoke less, thinking hard through out his life.

After VP death, his elder brother Sh. Om Prakash had written in one of a letter,’’On the family collective gatherings, whenever we all played cards always found VP Sitting our sides but thinking hard. For us it was always a question that what really this man always thought of. We didn’t find an answer from him in whole of his life. But after his death now I realized in my heart about his deep-rooted thoughts about the family. Now I realized he had utilized the time while we were wasting our time in playing cards.’’I can understand the emotional part in my uncle’s letter but on the other hand the most beautiful part of our family gatherings was the ‘cot-pees’ of the cards. All the brothers had played together. In my childhood, I have also seen my grandfather playing kot pees with his sons. I have also seen a pain in the faces of my uncles for the God's created absent of Dr. Hans Raj and later VP in the game. They are the perfect players and a simple mistake of putting and picking a card means anger shout by his contra player. The play is still going on and must go on for the Centuries to come.

VP lost his mother in 1970 and father in 1971.In Hindu mythology passing of a wife as suhagin achieves a distinction in married life, which Saraswati Devi achieved. All parental belongings were distributed in six parts and the choice was made open for the lots. No one placed his choice. Later Dr. Hansraj handed over the same to all families. All belongings still form part of each family.

There is uniqueness in the Brothers. I have seen them in family gatherings. They carried the high respects for their elders. By the time they lost their parents, the same status accorded to the elder brother and Bhabhi of Kanpur.In the gathering they share the work load and through out my life I have never seen any younger having in any kind of argument with the elder. The ladies of the family had always got the due respect but they have never been allowed to share in the decisions taken by them. Conclusively it’s a well-knitted family with deep-rooted heartfelt love for each other.

ARDHANGINI-His life companion

My father got married on 10th August 1953 to my mother “Raj” Daughter of Pt. Raghunath Sharma and Kaushalya Devi, She later changed her name as “Swaraj”. The marriage solemnised, on the very words of my grandmother Saraswati Devi and grand mother of my mother Smt. Seeta Devi. Both of them were used to visit holy places like Hardwar, Rishikesh etc and it was a holy dip at Great Mahanadi Ganga that my grandmother had sought the grand daughter hand from her close friend and religious sister, which she accepted. The marriage took place at Saharanpur from Banuwali Kothi at Station Road, Saharanpur.

VP was a serious man right from his childhood while the nature of my mother was different. In her nature, a fun was also part with seriousness. Not sure but it could be possible that both of them might had differences in the beginning. As we grown up, we have witnessed a good combination of both towards children cause. That was not an easy time to manage a big family of five children, which could not be achieved without full devotion towards the family at both the ends. In my childhood I have seen a number of Hindi novels for a regular reads by my mother. She was fond of that and there was not a single day that my mother was lack of novels to read. There was the plenty and the same are still bagged in old trunks, which witnesses my father love for her. Though it could be termed as simple but for me It's a matter of great appreciation of my father pious feelings for her hobby.

Many times I wanted to go in deep, whether they were made for each other or not. I found they both of them were made for their children. On children causes they were one, On Govt. policies, they were different, On social responsibilities, they were one. On others wrongful deeds, they were different. In case of any others rude behavior or wrongful matters, they were totally different to each other. Our mother is always offensive on such fronts, while VP was always cool. On religious rituals, they were one. It was a well mix of two souls in one but having two brains working differently.

My mother used to wash the clothes in plenty. In the locality, some of our known called our home as Dhobi Ghat.She is fond of washing and every cloth of the home had to be washed on day to day basis. She really worked hard in caring us at home. Both of them had worked so hard that on some of the occasions it was embarrassment for us. My father had worked so hard for his Office, that I could say, he died due to office, While my mother had done the same at home.

CHILDREN-His dreams

My father emotional anchor was his close knit family life at our home at B/12 Shivaji Colony, Meerut popularly known as red or say pink quarters. He was fully devoted to his children. He only aimed at making them stand on their own feet. Though personally well off, he did not spoil us our pocket money was infinitesimal later on, if ever we were hard up, he willingly gave us enough to free our debt. This continued even after I was a married man, with the expenses of a family & my own.

We are five. Three elders are the females and next two are the males. Every one has contributed in the family more than what is expected from a child. Academically all the five were best but the extraordinarily intelligent was Kaplesh the third daughter. She secured the Govt. scholarships and an early employment. Our parents wished to have a doctor in their home could not materialise. No one had become a Doctor. All the first three were the Science Students and made their attempts to pass out the selection but failed, so with a sorrow note I and Adesh put for a commerce side. Now the same dreams lies with the 10 children of our family. Hopefully they shall give a priority to the medical profession in the selection of their career.

The eldest daughter popularly known as “didi ”With a nick name Babli Born at Saharanpur. Her popular name is Bablesh Lata. Though she did the Graduation in Science but Studied Masters of Law.She becomes an Advocate.Married to Shri Kaushalendra Prakash Sharma and God blessed her two Daughters Garima and Aastha.

The second daughter had born at Najibabad. Her popular name is Paplesh Lata.Now known as Lata with a nickname Papel. Studied Masters of Science and Education. Became a Central School postgraduate teacher at a young age and becomes a Gazette Officer as Principal of a Higher Secondary at Delhi Administration Delhi. As a principal secured the State and National level Awards.Married to Mr.Pradeep Tara and God blessed her two sons Kunal and Syavam.

The youngest is having a nick name Kakoo Born at Lucknow. Her popular name is Kaplesh Lata. Did Masters in Science.and join the Punjab National Bank. Married to Rajendra Bhardwaj. God blessed her Two Daughters Disha and Mahima.

. The eldest son Amresh having a nick name Timple Born at Meerut. Done Chartered Accountancy and Law. Practicing as Chartered Accountant and Advocate. Married to Anupama from Faridabad. God blessed a daughter Amisha and a son Animesh.

The youngest son is Adesh having a nick name Teetoo Born at Meerut. Graduated in commerce and Law.Joined Bank of Baroda at a very young age. Married to Minakshi.God blessed them a daughter Yashica and a son Achman.

In addition to our parents the third factor, who had helped us in our growing and caring is B-12 Shivaji colony. This house has equally contributed to our progress. It was a Rs 35/- Monthly Renting house of Cantonment Board, Meerut.It's sure the availability of this home had played a role of good parenting. Four children have got married there. It's still in use as my office. VP placed a foundation of our home at 54, Arya Nagar, sardhana Road, Meerut.But unfortunately never used by him. It was almost ready but we had not shifted there by the time we lost him.

THE GOD -His personal offerings

To know the faith of my father in the religion, I found that the religious ceremonies were few in his life. He never expressed his willingness to visit the religious places or tirths (holy places). Majorities of the thirths are in short distances from Meerut but he never visited. He never attended the high profile saint’s kathas. But on the other hand, every morning when he kept his first step on floor, he didn’t open his eyes. He had to walk by close eyes to open his eyes at a temple at home. He wanted to see the PRABHU, THE GOD with the first sight of the day. Every morning after bath, he performed the daily prayers standing before the prabhu in a towel at home and every evening when returns from the Office, he used to go to home temple first. For the whole life, he continued these practices. He had gone to Hardwar many times, but he didn’t visit the purohits place and never sign the book of elders.

It seems something has gone wrong somewhere in the past, the Hindu society had received two different theories of God and Religion. The first theory starts with the DHARMA as depicted in RAMAYNA and the second theory goes with the KARMA as depicted by GITA, So the people opts for any one of them. Some of the people opt for the Karma and in their opinion KARMA supersedes DHARMA.VP had probably opted for the Karma theory of Livelihood and he could be called as ‘KARAMVEER’. In reality a well mix of both the theories can provide the real moksh in the life.

Our families Guru were the Sikhs Khatri. From Sargodha they had moved to Ambala and they are still at Ambala. I have never heard of them from VP. My mother has visited the place at Harish Bhai marriage. We children have never visited such place. The Guru is known as DHIRMAL GURU namely Samad Ram Singh and the seat is very much at Ambala near Devi Darwaja Annacoot Mata. On the other hand my mother family guru were HAR SHREE NATH. They have moved to Delhi From their seat of Peshawar.VP had prayed the Har Shri Nath in totality but didn't subscribe the guru mantra. There is a money bank in our family from that guru and there were some prayers, when an authorised person from the seat comes to collect the same in the city. VP always murmured “HAR SHREE NATH” throughout his life.

After the death of VP, I received a number of pamphlets, books, monthly journals of SADHU VASWANI MISSION. In one of a letter from Sadhu Vaswani Mission dated 10.12.91 VP has been quoted as a friend of the mission as founded by Sadhu T.L.Vaswani in Pune.I found the matter very informative, religious and awakening in their monthly journal the ‘East and West Series"

VP was also fond of sending greeting cards to friends and relatives. He was very particular about this and used to send the cards with real sincerety. I got a list prepared by him for sending the cards for Deepawali of 26th Oct.1992.He missed the same by a week.

After VP death, we found a note in his handwriting on telephone dairy. It was;

HIS CAREER-The real life journey

He first joined the army but didn’t go any more, as he was ordered to slip under the military vehicle to wash. Then he learned typing and joined sales Tax Office at Saharanpur. Served the UP Sales Tax Department for time being & then joined the Income Tax department. There his postings were Najibabad-Lucknow-Meerut. From steno to become Income Tax Officer, he had achieved a difficult path. After marriage he passed his BA and secured a Gold Medal from the University, being first in the University. Then he joined LLB and secured a merit list in the University.

He has passed out his graduation in the year 1968 and the law in the year 1975,it means the youngest child Adesh in the family was 5 year and 12 year respectively. He has also passed the examinations of Department i.e.the Ministerial Staff Exam in 1960, Inspectors Exams in 1966, And Officers examination in the year 1973.

Through one of his own handwritten paper, posting etc. were as follows.

Fatheygarh 9-1-1956 to May 1956.
Najibabad May 1956 to Feb1959
Lucknow Feg1959 to Oct 1959
Meerut Oct 1959 to Sep 1977
Muzaffarnagar Sep1977 to May 1978
Meerut May 1978 to Feb 1987
Ghaziabad Feb 1987 to July 1988
Meerut. July1988 to August 1991

So, in a total service of 35 years with the department, he passed 30 years in Meerut.As an Income Tax Officer, a fact was attached to the Assessment Orders passed by him that such orders had never been turned down by any appellant authorities. In one of a case I had to appear before the CIT (Appeals) against the order framed by Papa. I tried to convince myself to rise to the occasion but I failed. I plainly refused to appear before the commissioner against the orders signed by VP.

He had served the Income Tax Department and through out his service, he didn’t file any income Tax return. After retirement the same was due hence he prepared the return well in time but the death had blocked his way. I don’t have any word to express about such untimely happenings in whole of his life.

He acquired unique status as a problem solver. Whenever the office people came to a halt because no one could think of the action to take, all eyes turned to VP. He would thoughtfully pull from his pocket a small notebook and a stub of pencil write down the problem and then come up with an answer. He refused to be hurried, or intimidated by senior colleagues.

From the day one of his office, his work got recognition for his seniors and the Government. The awards through out his life had awarded him. He secured many cash awards and increments in the pay scale confered by the President of India. One of a cash award of few thousand rupees was handed over by the department after his death to my mother in the year 1994.It was an emotional moment when an administrative incharge visited our house and personally handed over the Govt. cheque to Mummy. In addition to it there are number of Certificates of the Department head and the President of India appreciating the good work by him.

THE PAINFUL CANCER -He fought bravely

VP never cared for himself. He worked hard, so hard that he didn’t follow a good healthy routine. He was not much concern for his own. The result came early and he fell ill around 1985. He was an incharge of Doctors assessment cell, he got the proper attention from the Meerut doctors. The medical history went back to early 1985 when purpuric spots have appeared under the knee on both the legs with a spleen of 5cm.

7.08.85, the blood picture was as follows.
Hb. 10.75% TLC 6350 DLC71. E.S.R85MM Platelet 84000 R.C 1.0No Fever. No appetite problem.good sleep. No lymphonods of any type in body.

14.05.86Bone Marrow Aspiration
No Abnormal Cells. No evidence of any cells foreign to bone marrow.Hb.9.00

Dec 1986 To April1987
Rigorous cough. Severe illness and weakness. Pale Looking. Spleen Size 12cm.Low Hb 4.75.

Aftr the marriage of Kakoo in April 1997, he expressed his willingness for the in-depth investigations, Up to Kakoo marriage inspite of all our requests and persuasion he never allowed us to interfere in his health. I feel it was his calculative move at that time as he was s smelling some seriousness to his health and don’t want to attract the others attention up to the marriage of last daughter.At meerut all investigations were conducted with full medical attention and care. But a year was passed virtually with no indentification of disease. The face has become pale by now. So many alternate midicines had been administered. And after a year we were totally confused about the path to be taken to take out VP from that condition.

He had been admitted at Ram Manohar Lohia at Delhi from 24.05.88 to 06.06.88. The doctors failed to diagnose later referred to AIIMS, Delhi. We shifted back to Meerut, and again gone for depth investigations. Then he had been diagnosed for NHL say Non Hotchkins Lymphoma or say Cancer at Bone Marrow.

It was around July 1988 and the treatment had initiated through Chemotherapy under the guidance of Dr. Adeep Mitra of Meerut Medical College.The result was fantastic. He was recovering at a speed and it was a miracle that he recovered fully. The total medical findings were as follows.

DATE HB TLC Platelets DLC Spleen Remark Pro
14.07.88 4.74 1800 112000 15cm Pre-tr. Det

16.07.88 1St.course
20.07.88 5.83 3100 120000 12cm Normal Sati
03.08.88 5.83 1500 122000
05.08.88 2nd course After 21 Days 11cm Vom. Sati
11.08.88 4.35 750 96000 6cm. Deca100 Fair
19.08.88 3.82 550 110000 Decca Fair
24.08.88 4.06 1200 -- 55.45.0 -- Bl.02 Fair
31.08.88 6.30 2050 110000
03.09.88 3rd course After 28 Days Normal
09.09.88 6.00 4000 136000
22.09.88 7.70 1650 92000 -- Deca100 Go
29.09.88 8.10 1900 102000 5 cm Go
02.10.88 4th course After 28 days 5 cm Normal
08.10.88 8.90 2900 130000
20.10.88 8.98 1600 92000 Deca100
27.10.88 9.40 2300 124000
30.10.88 5th course after 28 days 4 cm Vom V.G
05.11.88 10.80 3100 116000
26.11.88 11.60 2250 110000 3 cm Deca100
28.11.88 6th course after 29 days Normal
08.12.88 11.5 5700 128000 3 cm Exc
24.12.88 11.30 4100 130000 67.27.1. 2 cm
21.01.89 12.05 3850 138000 1 cm Course Over

During the total period of diagnosis and treatment, his conduct was unexpectedly cool. Hundred of Pathologist Tests of blood, Hundred of admissions to the Nursing Homes, Hundred of injections had been administrated, thousands of tablets had been swallowed but all these acts never provoked him to utter any words against any one or God. He was very cool and during those days his face was awakened by some inner strength.

He has to retire by Sep 1991, every colleague, every visitor and he himself always prayed to God to complete his retirement. The God had probably heard his inner voice and the period from Dec 1988 to Sep 1991 had passed so lightly that he never took a single tablet. The periodical checks were conducted and the blood picture was as follows.

.Date Hb TLC Platelets DLC

08.12.88 11.5 5700 128000
24.12.88 11.3 4100 130000
18.04.89 12.2 3100 118000
17.06.89 12.6 4100 120000
19.08.89 11.9 4200 112000
04.11.89 11.8 5100 124000
02.02.90 12.7 4800 140000
07.07.90 12.0 5200 104000
06.10.90 12.5 3850 98000
20.10.90 11.8 3600 94000
02.03.91 9.5 3150 128000
12.04.91 9.2 4000 108000
20.07.91 10.4 3200 106000
20.01.92 7.94 2500 72000

Again a vigilant analysis made by the doctors and this deterioration was a continuous affair. The killer was again knocking the doorbell. For the next 6 months again, a number of tests have been conducted, and at last the painful diagnosis through the lymphoid bypsy on 13.08.92. Suggested the same NHL.

Now medico limitations had emerged. It was a million dolor questions about the treatment. it was to choose between the two sets of combinations. One approach was there to administer the old combination while other opinion was to go for a new combination. After a hard labour by Dr. Adeep Mitra, after having a word with Dr, Advani of Tata Memorial Hospital, Bombay, the same combination was Prescribed and administered on 26.08.92 followed by the number of blood units. At the end of Sep 1992 the condition was well in control. Dr. Mitra was going for a Durga Puja holidays from 1st to 7th. On 30th September, one of his colleagues Mr. Chopra was retiring, Hence VP wrote a latter and sends a card to him and I went there to congratulate him. It was during this meeting that Mr. Chopra suggested taking an opinion of Dr. Bhatnagar.

DEADLY OCTOBER 92-The begining of unlasted jouney

On 3rd October, we met Cancer Specialist Dr. Bhatnagar and he dittoed the treatment with an advice of one unit of blood. On 6th October a unit of blood was administered in M. Prakash Nursing Home. When we were coming out, the owner after seeing V.P approached him and asked about his health and a possible date of next admission for blood transfusion. Up to that time after initiating the treatment, I was so confident that I smiled and told him about the line of treatment and added that in future he may not be needed more transfusions in his hospital.

Sometimes we speak for things without understanding what we are saying, then we spent the rest of our lives repenting why we spoke in that moment.

Now those words hit my heart heavily because VP never went back to that hospital. This was a Dusherra day and in the evening we were back at home. On9th October, the condition deteriorated. He was not able to stand at his own. I rang to Dr. Mitra and he told me that it could be due to lack of oxygen. The same day we checked in Tulsi Nursing Home close to Dr. residence. The fatal had already accured and for us it was a total blank and black day. The Car didn’t start that day. I had to push the Car alone resulted in muscle pulling. Earlier mummy had placed a pure woolen Long white Shawl on his shoulders, while ready to go to Hospital.I didn’t like that White Shawl at that moment, though the same was bought by me from Shimla.

On 12th October, the condition had further deteriorated but it was not told to us that some thing is going to happen so wrong. But some signs of sorrow were in the air. The blood was administering regularly. At 10.00 A.M, I visited the Lokpriya Hospital and gave a blood unit. There were a number of visitors that day. Pradeepji mother and Ashu Issar, papel's relative having a Blood group AB+ also visited the hospital. Papel send a paper slip mentioing about Transfusion of Platelets only if condition deterioates. I inquired the same but it was not possible at Meerut to separate the platelets from blood and to administer only platalets. I and Ashu visited Lok Priya Hospital for a unit of his Blood .At 12.00 noon, VP was complaining about the darkness in eyes .A eye specialist was bought by Mr. Chawla.a serving I.T.O.and Dr. expressed his unability to do anything at this stage. Probably the nerves behind the ratina were got damaged.

At 1.00 he insisted to clear his stomach, expressing it as a God wish. At 2.00 p.m., Papa's senior Office Colleagues were in the hospital, probably after hearing it from Mr. Chawla and they took me to another senior doctor. He was not at Home, though it was a normal wait but some thing in my heart was moving down. I returned with out seeing the Doctor, By this time VP was talking less. Around 3.30 He spoke to one of my friend Amit Kumar to call” Krishn’’ When I returned he told me about this. Probably this was the last word he spoken. However he had his hands gripped each other resting on chest in praying posture right from 12.00 Noon onward. At 4.00, I met Dr. Mitra and discuss the things. At that time when I entered his chamber, Sandeep was sitting there. After my return he inquired the doctor about VP, Which he responded with a reservation. At 5.00 the emergencies were called. Here Sandeep entered the scene with a call do what ever we could do.

The room was already closed by then. Me, mummy and adesh were standing helplessly. Adesh sat down on floor and was praying loudly. By this time Mummy was uncontrolled and around 5.30.inside in Room No.22 He breathed last. I couldn't help but smile within. VP had outwitted death. There was a wink and a fade-out from life to deathless legend. Now he is sleeping deeply, could walk a mile a minute-ageless. We all were crying. Dr.Adeep Mitra came out and by resting his hands on my shoulders, he wept too and told me that VP was very precious to him and your loss is as same as mine.

There are no words in paying thanks to Dr. Adeep Mitra. M, Prakash Nursing Home, Dr. Sirohi Pathology and a friend Dr. Anuj Rastogi, their voluntarily services for seven long years had added the precious years in VP life, it is sure that without their support, the battle with cancer was more difficult.

I also don’t have the words in paying gratitute and thanks for those, who have given their blood units of AB+ in the numbers of years of treatment. The names are Anup Mehrotra, Rakesh Chauhan, Younger Brother of Anuj Goyal, Mr. Sanjay Gahlot, Ashu Issar, and Dr. Manoj Gupta a practicing Orthopadist at Meerut. All these people have offered their blood in those years and they all were readily available for Blood transfusions.

VED PRAKASH- Your name

The name of Vedprakash has given you good business ability and a high regard for proper standards of conduct. You have an appreciation for good music, literature, art, drama, and philosophy, and you could be creative in those fields. An outdoor life also appeals to you and you could find much enjoyment in the beauties of nature.

In the business world, your reserve and outward placidity command respect for your authority. However, in your personal life, this reserve and reticence are often mistaken for coldness and lack of feeling, with the result that others find it difficult to understand you. While your name gives you a clever, deep mind, you feel and sense much that you do not fully understand. As it is not easy for you to share your deeper thoughts and ideals with others, you are inclined to choose the association of those few friends with whom you feel the most at ease and with whom you can enjoy companionship in a contemplative mood without feeling pressure for verbal communication. Physical weaknesses arise from tension affecting the heart and respiratory organs.

VP never believed in Astrology, numerology or taking ashirwads from the prominent religious personalities. On the other hand for me it is a passion. Two or Three months before his death, I told mummy that a child who is due to anu, shall be a girl and I have also decided to name her amisha. He got angered and asked why had I gone to some pundit or jyotish to know this.

For me it was a usual trip as I do discuss such types of things in ordinary course. His death came and after twenty-one day’s god blessed me with amisha, my daughter. I had a little satisfaction that it was known to him before his death.

NUMBER 3 -the numero effect.

Though he never believes in number games but Number 3 has played an important role in papa's life.
His Birthday of August =12 =1+2 =3
His Death Day of October =12 =1+2 =3
Numbers Of Daughters =3 =3 =3
House Number of Shivaji Colony B =12 =1+2 =3
Birth of Amisha after 21 days =21 =2+1 =3
Total Stay At ShivajiColony in years=30 =3+0 =3
His Last posting to Ward no-3 =3 =3 =3

YOUR DAIRY- The general quotes

1.To know all is to forgive all.
2.The persons we hate are the persons we don’t know.
3.There is so much good in the worst of us,
That it ill behaves any of us
To talk bad about the rest of us.
4.I never met a man whom I didn’t like.
5.To be sane in an insane world is itself a form of insanity.
6.Every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future.
7.In Hindi and Urdu.

Is Khander Mai tute pare hai chend diye.
In hi se kam chalalo bahut udas hai man.

(Few broken lamps are lying in this broken house
Use these broken one, My heart is very sad)

8.If dreams are horses, the beggars will be riders.
9.Behind every successful man, there is always a woman.
10. A book lent is a book lost.
11. A single conversion across the table with a Wiseman is worth a month of study Of books.
12.When you loose anger on other’s mistakes, you punish yourself for others faults.
13. Five vices in human beings.
14. Give the love to one, the friendship to a few and goodwill to all.
15.Its only friends, loyal friends that encourage, enlighten, inspire & cheer their counterparts.

16.As long as you live keep learning to live.
17.They think too little that talk too much.
18.As light uninterrupted by darkness will cause boredom and as success without the possibility of failure will be meaningless, so too, life will be unbearable, without the transition of death.

19.The-nobelest motive is the public good.
20.Roping the dark, wondering in the jungle-cut the wood.
21.Creativity is an expression of personal feelings and innermost thoughts.
22.Take care of minutes, hours will take care of themselves.

23.Every person who works honestly and conscientiously will live better.
24When you loose anger on others mistakes, you punish yourself to others fault.
25.What is in the pot will come out on the plate.
26Make hay while the sun shines.
27.If you extend your hand to help someone, he would'NT mind to become a bloodhound for you.

VP DAIRY-The religious and cultural notes.

I am a very sensitive, sentimental person. I get hurt very easily. Anyway, I feel it better to get hurt than to hurt others. Earlier, I used to get very emotional get worked up very easily, but now, I have become very different, detached. An individual changes with experience. I am also a religious person. I believe in GODDESS KALI

Hinduism is not based on any single book or on the words of any single teacher or prophet. It is based on the eternal Truth. There is Literally thousands of books and scriptures to guide both the beginner and the scholar, verily a cornucopia of spiritual literature-
1. The Srutis
2. The Smrithis
3. The Epics

The srutis means –which has been heard or revealed in 4 parts.
1. Vedas
2. Upanishads
3. Upa Vedas
4. Vedangas
1.VEDAS (derived from VID meaning to know) by Ved Vyas
-The Rig Veda Hymes used in praise of Divine.
-The Yajur Veda Hymes used in religious rituals and rites.
-The Sama Veda Hymes on Music.
-The Arthva Ved Hymns on guiding a person in his material and daily living.


3. UPAVEDAS(Subsidiary Vedas)
-Ayurveda Charka Vaid-Physician
Sushruta -Surgeon
-Dhanurved Sc. Of archery and use of weapons
-Gaudharva Ved Sc. Of music
-Arthshastra Polity,State Adm. And the conduct of Commerce.

4.VEDANGAS Explanatory limbs of the Vedas
- Siksha Sc of phonetics and deals with pronunciation and accent.
-Vyakaran Sc of Grammar
-Nirukata Sc of etymology of words in Vedic mantras.
-Chandras Shastra Sc prose and poetry
-Kalpa Shastra Sc of rituals and ceremonies in religion rites.
-Jyotish Sc of astronomy and astrology.

Srutis are devine origin.the sumritis are human compositions,lists code and rules governing the actions of the individual community, society and the nation. Dharma Shastra Kalpa is divided in 4 ages (Yug).
-Satya/Krt Yug
-Treta Yug
-Dvaper Yug
-Kal Yug

1. Ramayan(Aadi Kavya)
2.Mahabharat by Vyas
3.Bhagya Vashishta
4.Hari Vasna.

1.We are all mere instruments in God’s hands.
2. In the work of God, cleverness has no place, minute calculation is the arithmetic of arrogants, pitrable fools.
3.Science without religion is lame,
Religion without science is blind.


He was a staunch supporter and blind faithful to his Government. He was so loyal that the people at large feel it funny. He never used any single word against the Government.

In my early youth, I was diverted to the politics and journalism. Once My long article was published in a News Paper against the medico dispenciery which frown him so much that he slapped me.Today i am trying to use my same soul in writing a tribute to him. For some years Indian Newspapers were classified as anti Govt. and pro Government papers. Indian Express was the paper known for his anti Govt. attitude. Papa never allowed us to read such newspaper. For his whole life He read “THE Hindustan Times” an English daily from Delhi.

He always attended the Independence Day and Republic Day functions at office. Once he was ill and every one had requested him not to go for a republic day function, but he rejected everyone’s apprehension and got fainted at the function in office. The colleagues rushed him to Nursing Home where he stayed for few days.

Every holiday, he used to go to office. Once it was 2nd October, he was sitting in the office and working as usual, when a senior officer approached him and ask about his working in the office on 2nd October. He didn’t answered then the officer told him that When the Govt. of India had declared this day a day for all not to work, is he not disobeying the Govt. orders? For him it was a cruel joke but he never gone to office on 2nd October thereafter.

OUR VANSH-The roots

The family had not made any systematic efforts towards identifying the cultural sequence of the family migration. Pt.Ram Chander Sharma, father of VP, had opted to change the profession. At large our ancestors were salaried and engaged with a kind of food grain recoveries from the farmers . If I go through the past, I feel that how a decision of Pt Ram Chandra Sharma has influenced the betterment of a family. It was a transformation from the profession of holding of grains to the pious profession of god.

His thought/dreams have become reality, as all his six sons had become Doctors, Shastri, Police Officer, Income Tax Officer and Senior Bank Officials.Pt Ram Chandra Sharma was loved by all and secured the respect in the society. Once a manager of SBBJ, Mr. Narula visited our home and after seeing the photograph of LALAJI, immediately touch the feet’s in the photograph. He didn't built his home. Once a relative at a function asked why dont you built your own home, he replied plainly with a sparkle in his eyes that he is building the five living houses of my sons who will built their own houses in a near future. Later All sons had constructed their houses in the big cities. When he died, he was great grand father of Updesh s/o Shri Satish s/o Dr. Hans Raj, the eldest son. In Indian mythology, a person goes to Bakhunt means God themselves came to take their souls if he has seen four generations.

The parivar has the following points to consider while ascertaining the deep roots of this Vansh.

1. Being a vashisht gotra, they must be Guru Vashisht follower, Guru Vashisht had its place & roots in and around Kullu Manalli. Where Vashisht Kund is located. This Tapo-Bhumi must be close to the origin of the Vansh keeping in view of the travel conditions of that time.

2. Being a saraswat Brahmin, they must be inhabitants around the mighty river “Saraswati”. The various theories for the Saraswati go to Ghaggar of Haryana, Satluj & Yamuna as its tributaries. In that case the family was on the Western bank of the river and after vanishing around 3000BC they migrated towards present West Pakistan. The origin of Ghaggar was from the Himalayas and the family location was in the hills of Himalayas, which could be called "“migrated from Kashmir"”

3. Another theory of Saraswati path moves around “Arghandab Helmend River circuit of Afghanistan”. The dried up of saraswati had given birth to migration and in that case, the Dhananters were inhabitants of southern part of the river Saraswati & moved to West Pakistan.

4. The wadi, which is called for the dry bed of a river, may also put significance to it. It could also be possible that the Dhananter didn’t change their place & wadi was the Saraswati river path or any of its tributaries.

5. If we take the oldest route then it was Hindu Kush, presently at the Border of Afghanistan and China. It could be the oldest. The family shifted downward to the present Afghanistan and Pakistan and at partition enters in and around Delhi.

FAMILY TREE -The unending living tree

There is a availability of the family tree maintained at Hardwar & Pehwa and that goes as follows

Pt Aayaram
Pt. Kriparam
Pt. Bansidhar (1 Son) Pt. Atma Ram Pt. Gurdial (No Son)
Pt. Gurumukh Dass
Pt.Pritam Das(1Son)Pt.Bishan Das(1Son). Gaindaram Pt.Shonki ram(1Son)
Pt.. Shanker (No Son) Pt. Kanshiram Pt.Shama(NoSon)
Ramlubhaya(NoSon)Hukamchand(Noson)Ramchandra .GopiChand(Noson)
Dr.Hansraj- Jagannath- .OmPrakash-. VedPrakash-. Krishan- Narendra
(2 Sons) (No Son) (2 Sons) (2 Sons) (1 Son) (1 Son)
Satish-Dr.Yashpal*Davendra-Jitendra*Amresh-Adesh * Rajesh * Rajeev
I I (2 Sons) I I I

Pt.Purshotam Kumar Bahi=RORE Page=339
Main Kund, Pehwa.

Pt.Nathu Ram Om Prakash
Tulsi Das Hi Havelli
Kusha Ghat, Hardwar

These records were compiled my Om Tauji from Hardwar records and tallied the same with pehwa records. There is a possibility that the records of our family could also be available at GAYAJI, AVANTIPUR at Jammu and Kashmir, Jwalaji at Himachal Pradesh or at the places of South where maintaining of Bahis are still at work. No Dhananter had anytime visited Allahabad and signed the books of Elders as i gone through the records maintained with the Pandas of Kali Kamli name. Through this paper I express my great gratitude to those people who had noted down our ancestors names. Thank You Very Much.


Pt.Kashi Ram
-Late Dewan married to Thakur Dass .
-Late Jewan Bai -Unmarried

Pt .Ram Chandra
-Late Shanti Devi married to Sh.Ram Asre of Bhardwaj gotra of Delhi.
-Mayadevi married to Shri Lok Nath Ojha of Vashisht gotra of Ambala.

Dr.Hans raj
-Saroj married to Sh.Ashok Goswami of Kanpur.
-Usha married toSh. Ghanshyam of Bhardwaj Gotra of Kanpur.

Shri Om Prakash Sharma
-Neelam married toSh. A.K.Sharma of Yamunanagar.
-Umesh married to Sh. Yudhistar Sharma of Parasher Gotra of Karnal.
- Jyoti married to Sh. Bharat Sharma of Atri Gotra of Yamunanagar.

Shri Ved Prakash Sharma
-Bablesh married toSh. Kaushalendra Prakas of Brardwaj Gotra of Delhi
-Paplesh married toSh. Pradeep Tara of Bhadwaj Gotra of Delhi.
-Kaplesh married toSh. Rajendra Bharwaj of Bhardwaj Gotra of Delhi.

Shri Krishan Lal Sharma
-Neelam married toSh. Deepak Sharma of Dehradoon
-Madhu married toSh. Yogesh Sharma of Sahibabad.
-Rajni married toSh. Rajesh of Delhi.

Shri Narendra Kumar Sharma
-Meena married to Sh. Ravi Dutt Bali of Parasher Gotra of Faridabad.
-Manju married to Sh. Ashwani of Haridwar.

Shri Satish Sharma
- Bhawna married toSh. T.Srikant of Hyderabad.

Dr.Yashpal Sharma
-Miss Mamta

Shri Jitendra Sharma
-Baby Archie
Shri Amresh Vashisht
-Baby Amisha

Shri Adesh Vashisht
-Baby Yashica

Shri Rajeev Vashisht
-Baby Divita

Shri Rajesh Sharma

Shri Updesh Vashisht
-Baby Sahaj

BAHUS OF THE FAMILY-The known noble lineage

L.Smt Ganeshi of married to L.Pt.Kanshi Ram
Smt Saraswati of Vashisht Gotra married to Pt.Ram Chander.
Smt Kaushalya devi married to Dr Hans Raj.
L. Smt. Krishna Of Aghinotri Gotra married to Shri Jagan Nath.
Smt.Raj Rani of Vashisht Gotra married to Shri Om Prakash .
Smt Swaraj of Shandilya Gotra married to Shri Ved Prakash .
Smt .Naresh married to Shri Krishan Lal .
Smt.Kailash of Kapil Gotra married to Shri Narendra Sharma.
Smt. Suman married to Shri Satish Sharma.
Smt. Meera Gotra married to Dr. Yash Pal .
Smt. Achla Of Vashisht Gotra married to Shri Devender .
Smt. Rekha married to Jetendra Sharma.
Smt. Anupma of Garga Gotra married to Amresh Vashisht.
Smt. Minakshi of Korpal-Sankhen Gotra married to Adesh Vashisht.
Smt.Nidhi married to Rajeev Vashisht.
Smt.Deepika Of Sankhen Gotra married to Rajesh Sharma.
Smt Tina Married to Updesh Sharma.



THE TRIBUTES -From the core of hearts

0ur parents made many sacrifices for us in our life. I know that, many
times they wanted things but saved the money to give their children
a good education. When I think of my parents, I think only of love
and care. I think of the wonderful parents and I know that they
were responsible for bringing us into the world, attracting us into
the world and being pure enough to bring the kind of soul that
we children have.

For our father, In his final days when his health began to deteriorate.
At that time we said to ourselves, ‘Everyday is going to be special for
Our father. We want him to remember everyday’. We gave him all the
love we could give to him. We would only go and sit in his room when
he was in pain. It is painful to remember that he was in great pain for
many years and physically that pain cannot be shared. We would just
sit in his room quietly in a corner and just be with him.

In the closing days he said to me, ‘, I want to bless you all’.' he lifted
himself to a certain spiritual state that was marvelous. He lifted himself
to feel that he was a god and he actually felt the same in the days
Before he passed away.

When my father passed away, it was a challenge for me because
with awareness of my responsibilities that I have, I wanted to see
how I would react to the passing of such an important person of my
life. When it happened, the human part of me responded crying for
the loss of my father and the tears came down and I thought of all
the lovely times we spent together. When I saw his body, a feeling
came into my heart. A very strong love came in my heart and when
I looked at the body, I said, ‘father this body is not you. You are
with me. I can feel you in my heart.' It was such a nice feeling that
all the human sadness went away and from that moment there was a powerful feeling in my heart that never left me until this day.
All through the funeral, I could feel his energy.

When the funeral began, I said, ‘There is going to be no sadness
here because my father is not dead. The body may be dead but
my father is very much alive. His presence is with us. And throughout
the cremation of the body, I was cool. It was a sunny day and as the
flames rose upwards I thought, ‘What a beautiful passing. This is a real
‘hawan’, the final offering of the beloved body to the elements.' It was real .

My father is still alive in my heart. I feel him all the time. He was,
for me, such a beautiful soul.

When I think of father, I think of love, I think of compassion, I think
of beauty and I think of spirituality. In all the years I have never
written a word Late in front of his name and it’s my resolution that
I shall never write a word Late before his name through out my life.

Beloved Father, we thank You and thank all the fathers who are with
us today and for all the fathers in the world. Without our fathers we
would not be here. Father, we want to say today that we love you
and we thank you from the bottom of our heart for all the sacrifices
you have made for us, all the love you showed to us, and all the
pain you have endured for us. We say thank you from the bottom
of our heart. We know that we can never repay you, we can only
hope to be a good child, as you want us to be. We ask God to bless
you, most kindly, bless you on your journey to happiness, to peace
, to truth and to enlightenment.

If tears could fill a pathway and memory was a lane, we could climb
the way into heaven and bring you back. May you continue to be
the radiant light that you are and the beautiful blessing that you are.

May we continue to be worthy of your love and blessings?





As an Author of the trust Smt. Swaraj Sharma, our mother inspires us to do and accept the social responsibilities. In an order to act in a manner to carry the light shown by VP and his parents, The foundation has so far kept the VP name enlightened among the people. His name is carrying with high respect and dignity in the Society. Many memorials had been constructed, which shall carry the name of VP for the years to come. Some of those are.


At Bombay Bazar chowk,Meerut, a 14 feet statue of Shri Hanuman was installed on 25th Nov 1989, on the occasion of his recovery from NHL.Basically VP didn’t find this idea favourably, But as he was congratulated by lot of people, he accepted it in his inner of the heart. The said temple is now a temple of fame and every Tuesday a number of devotees do the rituals.It was not a simple job. There are a number of people who helped in doing a miracle of installing a 15 feet idol at the center of the main market. The team who witnesses the installation had to spent whole night on roads. The high-speed winds and rains witness the instalation. For me the prabhu was virtually with us that night. The teammates were Mr.Amit Kumar, Mr Manoj yadav, Mr. Anup Mehrotra, Mr.Praveen Sarin, Mr.Ram Gopal, Mr. Anuj Gupta and a christan employee of Amit.

SHIV Darbar at Arya Nagar, Shiv Mandir.

Arya Nagar was influenced by the Arya Thoughts and there was no deity temple in the colony. It was a light conversation with Mr. Jindal, that I gave a suggestion to him for the construction of the temple at our colony. The idea got strength and we immediately agreed for a Shiv Darbar. The Shiva idol was in sitting posture and approx. 6 feet high along with nandi were gifted for the temple. And it was also a coincidence that papa laid the foundation of our home at Arya Nagar, the day the mandir got commissioned. The idols of Saptrishi were also presented. Now this temple is of great fame. Many more idols had been added to the temple and a number of people appreciate the complex.

Valmiki Shiva Mandir at Shivaji Colony

A Shiva Bhagwan idol of 3 feet in sitting posture was given for the main room of the temple. The temple is located at the main road leading to Historical Kali ka paltan temple from where the 1857, first independence war started. The said temple attracts a number of devotees on Shivratri and Especially on Kawar Yatra in the month of July-August.

Maa Durga Idol for Mandir at Om Nagar, Sardhana Road

By God Grace Along with Our tai ji Smt Raj Rani w/o Shri Om prakash Sharma of Yamuna Nagar we presented the 3.5 feet idol of maa durga as a main idol of the temple. The room is a big one followed by the Big Hall . It’s a big temple. The temple is picking up and a number of people visit the temple regularly.

Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Idol at SAI TEMPLE”Dwarika Mai”

At Sardhana Road, Meerut there is an old and among the first Northen India Temples Of Sai Baba of Shirdi, an idol in sitting posture of 4 feet height was given for a Dwarka Mai Room of the temple, where a agni has established drawn from the orignal Dwarika Mai Agni of SHIRDI.Sai Baba looks to its originalty in an idol and it gives a very pious environment in the temple complex.

Papel’s 12th class Book dedicated to papa

Papel authored a Book on Botany for 12th Class of CBSE Sylabus.The preface Carried a touching note i.e

vedo ke gyani Prakash ke devta, adarsh ki khan Prerna ke strot


Durga Saptshati as authored by Smt. Swaraj
Durga Satpati as authored by Smt. Swaraj Sharma were distributed among the religious masses in high volumes. The same were Dedicated to him with the following back page mention about VP.i.e.


In the memory of Ved Prakash Sharma, this Durga Kavach as authored by Smt swaraj Sharma is being issued and dedicated to this Nobel soul, for the welfare and wellbeing of the people. We are hopeful that our rememberence shall give you a continuing infinitive link to the God. Shri Ved Prakash Sharma was not only a vedic scholar, but also an unselfish and totally dedicated socialite. His human approach is a pillar and path provider for ''SHRI RAM SARASWATI VED RAJ FOUNDATION". The foundation had resolved to achieve the targets as set by him for the wellbeing of the people.

This Durga Kavach is a part of a series of publications in which the foundation had published and distributed among the masses i.e. Shri 108 Ramayan Manka, Shri Hanuman Chalisa, Shri Durga Vachan etc.

Shri Ram Saraswati Ved Raj Foundation is devoted for the high values which had been drawn from the path left by the renowed Vedic and Dharam Sanskarit Maha Pandit Pita maha Shri Ram Chander and vedic scholar Matheshwari Saraswati Devi and the strength have been drawn from Shri Ved Prakash Sharma 's priceless memories.


Shri Ved Prakash Sharma s/o Shri Ram Chander and Smt. Saraswati Devi was a towering unselfish and total dedicated to the Society.You born on 12-08-1933 at Sargodha town of United India. You were Law Graduate and secured the Gold Medal in the studies. You had shown a unique path to your followers and well wishers, while working as an Income Tax officer at Meerut.You have well coordinated the use of power and social responsibilities. You have well established yourself in Income Tax Department.In your life time The creation of Sankat mochan Sthal at Bombay Bazar, Meerut.had made the RAMMAYE enviorment for the area.Today this place is marked as a religious place and thousands of pilgrims thrown to this place.God had also provided an appourtunity to give the Shiv Idol at Shiv mandir ,Arya Nagar and Valmiki Mandir at Shivaji Colony.Now these places are well recognised and established.The people at large show their faith in such places to eradicate the miseries and diseases.You had got the appreciation for all this.We the members of the family and friends shall take a path as left by you and you shall always be an inspiration for us.


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English Delhi Daily ‘THE TIMES OF INDIA” on 12th October

Reproduction of the matter as appeared in the year 1996
In loving memory of an understanding husband and father, whose abundant love and untiring dedication will remain a source of inspiration and will be cherished by us. A hard working, self-made bold and pragmatic person, who guided us to a value based way of life., A true Karamyogi who championed the concept of “Pursharth”. He was awarded by the President of India for his sincere services to the nation.,He has established a path of success for those who want to serve the government and public, honestly and fairly. We are carrying the same ideals, value ideologies and living with deep-rooted and firm commitment under the banner, Shri Ram Saraswati Vedraj Foundation – Swaraj Sharma, Bablesh Kaushal, Paplesh Pradeep, Kaplesh Rajendra, Amresh Anupama, Adesh Minakshi,Family, Relatives & Friends.

Reproduction of the matter as appeared in the year 1997
VED PRAKASH SHARMA (12.08.1933 TO 12.10.1992)(MEERUT)
Was born in Sargodha Town of United India. He was a victor of truth, purity, karma & compassion. He was a true victor, who gained victories over himself-his lower self of desires and passions. He lived his life in eager to share with the world his vision of honesty, karma & authority. He never afraid of manual work, hard duties & responsibilities. Through out his life, he lived away from strife and was at peace with all. He lived awakened life with a constant awareness of the presence of god in his work & heart. We have seen his face illuminated his eyes aglow with light, through him “ We are proud to have seen the face of God”. We are carrying his ideas, ways, ideologies, & love for all under the banner “ Shri Ram Saraswati Ved Raj Foundation”. Smt. Swaraj Sharma (Chairperson), Bablesh Kaushal, Paplesh Pradeep, Kaplesh Rajendra, Amresh Anupma & Adesh Minakshi.

Reproduction of the matter as appeared in the year 1998
VED PRAKASH SHARMA (MEERUT) (12.8.1933) TO 12.10.1992).
We all respectfully and fondly remember you always for the loving care and sacrifices made in rearing us up and providing us best possible education enabling us to achieve the status in society, which we hold today. Your untimely departure has changed your course with your loved ones but didn’t separate you, since “love can never lose its own”. You are conscious in high moments of your loved ones. For us your remembrance is not of today only, every breath we draw passed in the remembrance of yours. Your lifetime was based on a great Chinese thought”How does the sea become the king of all rivers and streams? Because it lies lower than they”. We are coordinating your thoughts under the banner “Shri Ram Saraswati Ved Raj Foundation”. Bablesh Kaushal, Paplesh Pradeep, Kaplesh Rajendra, Amresh Anupama, Adesh Minakshi.

As I closed this and turned out the lights imagined 10 children of my family one-day reading this book to their children and then I realised that what I had said about VP was true. VP had already gone, one day I shall go but my heartfelt tribute will indeed live forever. I also regret I am not as my father was.

It is now 9 years since VP died. But whenever I am confronted with the situation in which the right course of action to take is the harder and more unpalatable, my minds eye see a white haired figure, rather portly in his sixturerien, but alert, articulate and dignified.

In a modern world when it becomes increasingly easy to opt out of responsibilities, my father proved that by using tact, persuasion and humor, justice can be done with rancor, pleasant things can be achieved for the benefit & happiness of all.

No son could have wished for a better guideline in life, a brighter lodestar for the future.


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