Indian Hosts of NRIs can be jailed if they don't tell police!

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Indian Union Home ministry says that its Foreigners (Report to Police) Order, 1971, is being enforced "in the interest of national security". This order requires individuals, families, hotels and guest houses hosting foreign citizens for more than 24 hours to inform police about the guests. The law applies to NRIs who have foreign passports. The hosts can report the presence of foreigners over the phone. Apparently it is meant to to deter the illegal entry of foreigners into the country, particularly from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, some of whom have been "indulging in subversive activities too." The Times of India points out that a lot of VVIPs have close relatives who are foreign passport holders. One wonders if the police would dare arrest the VVIPs.

I consider it a slap on the face of NRIs who generously bought the India bonds when the rest of the world was financially squeezing India in the aftermath of the nuclear tests. I urge the NRIs to write to their local embassy and the Indian PM protesting this stupid rule. This rule puts the burden on an average Indian citizen who has no way of knowing if an NRI is a foreign passport holder. Besides this rule will only put more power in the hands of a "big brother" government and enables the beat cop to harass people for more bribes. It is these kinds of stupid rules that make India look like a banana republic. Sigh!


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