HI ALL Non Resident Indians - I have a Plan !

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Hi All
I have a quick plan to distribute to you all for a faster development of INDIA.

As we know there are lot of Indians who live and work in all around World.

The Plan is .

1. Identify all the Best Government achievements or schemes in the Country (Overseas Except India) you are staying currently.

Get as much as Details like how it is implemented, designed , How it was so practical, the advantages , the result..

The above mentioned Govt. achievements may be a

- Best Transport System

- Best Industrial park

- New Industrial idea (Bio tech Park )

- Best Drainage System

- Best River Water Management

Make it as almost like a BluePrint and Now ,

Identify the Best Political person who is REALLY capable to do this in INDIA,

he may be ABDUL KALAM, Min of Industry in Central govt , India,

or a Motivated Chief Minister of Your State.

Or a Best IAS Collector OR A Motivated MP of yr


And Now Make a copy of your BluePrint plan and

SEND IT to the Idetified Political or

Adminstrative Person in India .

And Send One More Copy to the Group of Public people (or some organisation ) who can demand this new Idea in the Concerned Place.

If everyone from overseas Send this kind of Best Plans and Ideas to the people who are in Power

atleast some will defintely IMPLEMENTED.

I Request If you feel this is good Plan , anyone can distribute this information through Emails to their friends in Overseas.

I feel every NRI got His Own Contribution to Our

Country , INDIA

What you guys feel.....


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