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Is this a feasible proposition.Your comments please.

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Thursday, February 27, 2003
Stateless Tamils seek to get own country

IPOH: Stateless Tamils in numerous countries worldwide may soon have a country to call their own, said Thiruvalluvar World Tamil Republic Organisation secretary-general Prof Dr C.S.S. Somasuntheram.

Dr Somasuntheram, who is the editor of the London-based magazine World Tamil’s Voice, said the organisation was currently exploring options to buy a freehold island “somewhere in the Pacific” for these Tamils.

He said it was raising about RM1.9bil to buy the island, which is three times the size of Singapore.

Dr Somasuntheram said the island might be small but it could become an economic powerhouse like Singapore and Hong Kong.

“It will be a small country large enough to house about 1.5 million people.

“We are looking for land with a good environment – fertile soil, rainy climate and ample water supply. It will be a peaceful place and we hope to get the land in two years’ time,” he added.

He said the island would be named “Thiruvalluvar” after the ancient Tamil poet renowned for his wisdom and insight into life.

He was in Ipoh to give a talk entitled “The Future of Tamils in the 21st Century” during this year’s Tamilar Thirunaal or Tamil Festival at the Ipoh Town Hall on Saturday.

He agreed that people had been debating on the idea of a Tamil nation for decades but said this was the first time an organisation was doing something to realise the dream.

He bemoaned that Tamils did not have their own country although there were Tamils working for Nasa and Microsoft as mathematicians and engineers.

He estimated three million Tamils were awaiting repatriation after being denied citizenships in the countries they had settled in.

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