"Gnana Surian", published by Kudi Arasu Press

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Ramayana also recounts the "story of King Dasharatha who, in order to have a baby son, made a big sacrifice (yagnam) of sheep, cattle, horses, birds and snakes. He then delivered his three wives Kaushaliya, Sumatirai and Kaikeyi to three priests. These holy men, having fully satisfied their carnal desire, returned the ladies to the King. By this means, the King was able to have three sons - Ram, Lakshman and Bharat" (Bala Kandam, Chapter 14. For more details on yagnam, refer to the book "Gnana Surian", published by Kudi Arasu Press).
This shows the truly cheap nature of Rama's immoral father. He was willing to prostitute his wives merely in order to gain personal benefits ! The `great king' Rama's father was merely a lowly pimp who handed his wives over to whosoever could fulfill his selfish needs !

The handing over of Rama's mother to the three disciples occurred after the Vedic horse sacrifice (ashwamedha), in which Rama's mother copulated with the dead horse in accordance with Vedic Hindu requirements.
This example shows the truly debauched nature of Rama's whoring mother. Why did she have to have intercourse with a dead horse ? Would not a living horse do ?

One may ask, why are such perversions as incest, beastiality prevalent in Hinduism, and in fact sanctioned in Hindu scriptures ? The answer is that the Brahmin imposed a strict sense of `brahmacarya' (ascetism) onto a previously Aryan barbarian society. As a result, common Aryans could not satisfy their urges in normal and healty manners and were thus forced to resort to perversions such as incest, zoophilia, etc.


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