Problems created by believers of GOD....

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Today the world is facing the threat in the form terrorism, death and destruction...not from non-believers but from the so-called believers of GOD.

I thought Hindus have more tolerance to other religions but Gujarat incident.... I changed my mind. Fundamentalism is gaining popularity among Hindus.

Islam wants to bring all the people in the world under one group by force & fear. It says only their holy book Koran is correct and it is OK to kill non-Muslims in the name of Jihad. It also says that ISLAM means peace. Islam militancy is a well-known phenomenon and I don’t have to explain much.

Christianity.... It also wants to convert all the people into Christianity using MONEY power. Though they say that they are spreading the message of Jesus...i.e. LOVE...actually they spread fear (peaceful terrorism) that only Christians will go to heaven and others to HELL (this includes all non Christians like...Gandhi, Buddha etc). This is their message of LOVE.

I thought Buddhism teaches non-violence. But Buddhist monks kill Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Ultimately today’s problem in the world is because of these religions and by the people who blindly follow them.

I want to ask all the this what you feel that your religion is asking you to do?

Don’t you have the courage to come out of your religion and say "I will not practice my religion if it (tells me to) harm other people? I want to be a just HUMAN who will obey my country's law and help other people."

I feel that today's problem will be solved if we remove religion from the people's mind. I think Periyaar’s policy is the best policy. I need your honest opinion in this regard without any bias against any group.


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