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After the cold, cruel massacre at New York on 9-11 as well as the recent sad events in India, I have come to the firm conclusion that India and Hinduism has a lot to offer during this trouble times and all of us should be very proud of mother culture-religion Hinduism.

At the same time, there is a lot of false propaganda against Hinduism all over the globe and as such it is our duty to eradicate false hood and educate masses about Hindu culture. Apathy on our part will only make our lives over here miserable.

My name is Ed Viswanathan and I am an engineer and author of an international best seller on Hinduism by name Am I A Hindu?[ISBN 1-879904-06-3 Halo Books, USA and Rupa Press, India, which has sold many copies around the globe....For the last so many years, I have sent more than 900 complimentary copies of my book at random to Indian students studying in western universities. At least 4 universities in USA alone are using this book as a medium of instruction in Hinduism. This book is one of a kind with 90 chapters and hundreds of questions and answers.

This book is in the form of thought provoking dialogue between 14 year old American born Indian teenager and his middle aged father on all aspects of Hinduism. Almost all the papers and magazines [such as THE HINDU, Madras, HINDUISM TODAY, INDIA WEST, Indian Express etc] in India have written excellent reviews on this book. In USA many magazines [LIBRARY JOURNAL, BOOKLIST etc] have recommended this book for all libraries. To help every one, especially students understand every aspect of Hinduism, I have set up a web page with many educational flow charts. Kindly visit my web page and write to me for a complimentary copy of my book. Thanking you in advance for reading this message.
Recently the book is translated to Indonesian language
Apakah Saya Orang Hindu?
Ed. Visvanathan
N.P. Putra, Sang Ayu Putu Renny


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