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I am into study of GENEALOGY.

Genealogy is a study of "FAMILY ROOTS".Though this subject is new in India it is a professional work in America and other countries.
But this Genealogy was known to our forefathers and our hindu community mathas(organisation)kept detailed information of our family and ancestors for ceremonies, shraddhas, marriages etc.

Nowdays this has become even more necessary, because family is becoming more and more nuclear and are migrating to other places for their livelihood or some other reasons.In near future our children,grandchildren or greatgrandchildren may only know their father,mother,brother and sisters and not anyone else. They may forget their roots and origin and will only be able to identify themselves with present existence.
So it is necessary individually to build a family tree with all possibe information.
For this one has to build a database which will support information of family tree.Every individual can do this.
Though this is very interesting but at the same time it involves lot of research work to build a database for a their particular community such as caste,subcaste.surnames, their origins and lot more.AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT THIS IS TO BE DONE IMPARTIALLY WITHOUT ANY BIAS OR HATRED TO OTHER CASTE/COMMUNITY/RELIGION.


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