Reuters: A Venomous Anti-Tamil Propaganda

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Reuters: A Venomous Anti-Tamil Propaganda

President and CEO

Dear Madam / Sir

It is with a deep sense of disgust and disappointment that I often read the reports filed by your correspondent who is based in Delhi or Colombo in Sri Lanka. One does not require any serious research to affirm that your correspondent has been instructed to carefully present the “extremist Sinhala side of the story with adequate positive adjectives to buttress the Sinhala military and the State.” He does not seem to know even the most basic principles of the ethics of journalism. His pro-government and pro-Sinhala bias is understandable, as he is a Sinhalese, representing Sinhala interests with the majoritarian Sinhala mind-set. But that’s no reason for promoting a vicious anti-Tamil propaganda on the international stage.

A clear example to this effect is the title given in the most recent news in which a malicious, premeditated and calculated violation of the cease-fire agreement had been perpetrated by a Sinhala soldier against the Tamil freedom fighters known as the LTTE, but your news editor SCOTT McDonald (who is perhaps indebted to the notorious Sri Lankan military or to the government for some personal favors) has given the most misleading title by concealing the truth.

Here I must point out that in today's world with mountainous information at our disposal with a little time to read beyond headlines, many of us move from one headline to another. In this news report the title given is “Soldier shot in breach of Sri Lankan cease-fire” It is couched in selected words and crafted in a very venomous way to make the reader feel that the LTTE has violated the ceasefire by shooting a Sinhala soldier whereas the rest of the news clearly point at the opposite direction. I must tell you Sir/ Madam this is not the first time that such an anti-Tamil bias is openly advocated by your local and sometimes international correspondents. You would-be shocked at the results if you were to order an independent inquiry or even a research study of merely the titles/ headlines published by your ill informed and ethnically biased Sri Lankan Correspondents for REUTERS.

You once had a name as an impartial news agency with a good code of ethics. But I firmly believe that at least for Sri Lanka that has become a myth since 1990.

Kulatheeran Ambalavanar, B. Sc. Eng.
Balaprasad Nithya Karan B.Sc. Eng.


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