The "Reliable(???!!!)" Mobile phone service

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This is about the pitiable service being offered by the cell phone company that has recently launched its service with much "Galatta". The main problem is that till date the I am unable to receive calls from BSNL mobile phones anywhere from outside of Chennai. More worse is that people from certain towns like Thiruvarur are unable to call even from their BSNL landlines. This is not a temporary phenomena or because of network congestion and it has been duly admitted by the company that they are yet to sort out interconnectivity problems with other operators. And this is not with my phone alone and it is the same with any other phone of this company. Also, it is not possible to send or receive SMS to mobile phones of other networks. When they are launching their service with much hype, is it not their responsibility / duty to inform the gullible public about such shortcomings in their service before they are trapped? What is the use of having spending thousands to get a connection and remain unreachable to others when they need to contact urgently. I have got my damned connection activated in June 2003 and even after 2 months and despite my continuous followups, the phone company is unable to save me from my woes. Hence, beware buyer! Please be informed about the shortcomings of the service and act smart - unlike me :(


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