The Massive Human Violation ! Genocide shocking Hitler !

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The worst genocide in human is shocking even on please

First we justified killing babes in its mother's womb..with her permission it is no wonder if the mother is selling her baby as cookies for some cash....Devils....why there are so many devils in this pretty is really sad.

For photos of eating aborted babes :

Friends no meaning in expressing horror feelings seeing or hearing about these devilish acts...think and act...fight abortion...fight for millions of life around will atleast feel some inner satisfaction that you have done something worthy. Please read on:
Abortion : The unheard voice of the unborn...

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Please note:
Apart from the welfare of millions of innocent children being killed in their mother's wombs, the auther is in no way prejudiced towards the women, their rights, nor their independence. For God's sake don't misunderstand !

Dear Friends !

Abortion is the worst crime that mankind has ever invented; the killing of innocent, helpless and unsuspecting infants in their most tender age; that too inside a mother's womb, and sadly, but often with her consent....! Yes, something has to be done to check this devilish injustice, that even the devil himself will not dare to do !

It's A Child; Not A Choice...
This world belongs to the babies too; born and unborn. The truth is that, we never learned to recognize them, to respect them. They too are human beings with the zest for life in them. Did we ever consider that? There are great laws in this world to protect the the human dignity; human rights ! Did the unborn get their rightful share?

We kill our babies and call it abortion. We do it for our pleasure and convenience forgetting that actually it is nothing but grotesque killing and that the victims are the weakest of all; and still we do it and we call it by a nice name "Abortion". See the mind of these people... Can humans become so cruel ? Let us join hands together for the cause of these unlucky babies and make a difference in the way we think; in the way the world around us think. The first step is convincing ourselves. Then only we can move on to others. Why abortion is justified by a large number of people ? Even when I write this, doubts are there in my mind too. Then why there should be abortion and why there should not be; that is the basic question. Let us probe deeper into it and try to analyze the issue. Why there are so many people out there " for abortion" or " Pro Choice " ? and why there many " against abortion" or " Pro Life" ?

Pro Choice Movement

Pro Choice means For Choice. There are many people who firmly believe that abortion is perfectly justifiable and there is nothing legally or ethically wrong in doing it. In fact many nations have passed legislations legalizing abortion. Many medical practitioners make this a main source of income. There are a lot of voluntary organizations who work for popularizing abortion. Many nations support these organizations both financially and otherwise. Why there are so many adorers for abortion ? Are all these persons supporting abortion for the same reason ? Are all of them really cruel ? No. Then why do they support abortion ? To understand this we must understand the evolution of abortion. Abortion was there with us through out human history. It was there in all the societies, irrespective of nations and cultures; but in different forms and under different ideologies. But now these ideologies crystallized together to form a basic set of justifications for those who support abortion. Basically abortion is nothing but invoked termination of pregnancy. It is thus firstly a matter related to women. What do women think about abortion ? It affects their physiology, their lives. So, do they have a choice ? Do they deserve to choose ? Women were suppressed for ages. Women were considered to be loving, affectionate, and considerate. Women were doomed to suffer. They had no choice of their own, no will of their own and no pleasures of their own. They were dependent to men for all their needs, and men had complete control over women. Men possessed women. In many societies, the glory of man was measured in tune with the number of wives he had. Emperors and rich and powerful men maintained harems were hundreds of wives were maintained. Often, only one among will be adorned as the queen and was given the privilege of delivering the children. Others were for sexual satisfaction alone and if any of them ever got pregnant the pregnancy was terminated without the consent of the woman. The common man was not able to maintain harems and so he went to prostitutes and prostitution was prevalent from times immemorial. This also perhaps lead towards killing unborn babies. Several techniques for performing abortion were developed in different parts of the world. Many were effective while many others killed the woman too. Thus in ancient times the abortion was basically something gravely against women and against the will of women. The remnants of the old era seeped into the modern world and got mixed up with today's ideologies. The advent of feminism and female liberation marked a new meaning for abortion. Some thing that was against women seized to be so and became the symbol of female freedom. The feminist sect popularized the idea that abortion is nothing but a choice the woman alone is entitled to make. The once suppressed woman hood, started to overcompensate for the past sufferings. Many feminist movements encouraged abortion. Feminism also lead to sexual permissiveness in the society and this too contributed to the growing abortion rates. In the consumer world , sex became the greatest commodity and morality and ethics were thrown out. The press and the media popularized the idea. Today, even those people who do not believe in abortion otherwise believe that there is nothing wrong in resorting to abortion when the pregnancy was caused due to forced and unwilling sexual intercourse like in rape, sexual abuse etc. Should these poor victims suffer for the wrong committed by others ? This is one of the difficult questions raised by the Pro Choice supporters. To answer this we must know what is so wrong in abortion.

Pro Life Movement

Pro Life means For Life. The Pro Life Sect believes life is given by God and God alone can take it back. The principle is accepted as such by all the civilized nations and approved and adapted by the various jurisprudences all over the world. Still, it is sad that when it comes to unborn all these legal systems and principles gets watered. Why a man cannot take his own life; or the life of any other person ? Why a mother or father is not allowed to kill their children ? Because it threatens the society; a person belongs to the society. So do children and babies; born and unborn. The mankind belongs to God. He created each person uniquely. No person can be a substitute for another person. God has an intention behind everything. Each person has his own role to perform. He himself should perform that. God never make a mistake. None of his work should go in wane. We are so bothered about eco system. We take so much pain to make it sure that the eco system is not disturbed. Why ? We are so meticulous that the animals should be treated with dignity. We make legislations to prohibit cruelty to animals. We give great love and care to our pets. We make hospitals for them. We care for them. Just kill a deer or a guerilla; the law will make it sure that you are behind the bars. Even the animals get so much care, attention and affection in our society. Now look at humans. The weaker sections get priority every where. We assure that the weaker the person, the more care and support is extended to him. Women get priority over men; elders get priority over the young; children are given the utmost care, affection and importance; the sick person is given care and treatment. The weaker the person the higher the care, priority and affection is given. That is the ethics we live by. Now go further... the smaller ones; babies. We treat them like flowers. Go further... here we get different. We have a choice... to treat them as we please. You can kill them if you want. You can raise them if you choose. Wonderful, is it not ? Can we afford to let this foolishness to continue ? Who knows if we ever killed a baby who would have developed a vaccine for AIDS ? If my parents exercised the so called right to choose, I would not have been writing this. If your parents did so, you would not have been reading this now. So that is the so called choice they are clamoring about. It is the right... the right to kill, luckily you and I were not killed. Thank you Jesus ! What justification does these Choosers have ? Getting back to our earlier questions, what we can do about a who woman got herself pregnant in an act of rape. Should she bear the baby of her rapist ? Can we afford to tell her ? What if a girl sexually abused got pregnant ? Should she deliver the baby ? These I admit are quite difficult questions. And these questions are the Chooser's deadly weapons. Let us think deeper. Who is a person ? What is his or her status before birth, after birth, and after death ? When does a person comes into existence; and when does he ceases to exist ? Can we defile a dead body ? Can we spit on a corpse or on a grave ? We cannot, or the law protect the dead man's dignity. The personality is extended even beyond the life time. We are taught to respect the feelings of the dead. We will not tell bad about the dead, how ever cruel or nasty he had been during his life time. So our law, ethics and morality teaches us to respect and take care for the dead even. What about the living ones ? The very moment the fusion of the sperm cell and egg takes place in a mother's womb to create the embryo the life is created. He became a person. He or she is no longer a collection of cells, but is a human being. He may not have the faculties of a grown up. But the process is on. All the faculties are dormant in him from that stage itself. Does babies have all the faculties of a grown up either ? Can they talk our languages ? Can they stand up and walk ? No... Still these are the very reasons we give care and affection to them. Why not the logic apples to the unborn... even to a deeper level. Should we not give even better care and affection to these unborn ? What difference does it make that the unborn is in the womb and the baby is outside it ? Is this a justification to kill an unborn ? What if the victim of rape or sexual abuse delivered a rapist's or abuser's baby ? Do we still have that so called right to choose. Kill the baby and you will land in the prison. So it is not the quality or type of paternity that gives us the so called choice; it is some thing else. After all, who in this world, in his senses can kill a baby ? Even criminals will doubt to do it. So what makes us daring enough to kill the unborn ? Just ignorance; ignorance about the rights of the unborn; ignorance of the fact that an unborn is as lively as a grown up. Can we punish the son or daughter of a murderer for the crime committed ? We cannot and we will not. As per the emerging jurisprudence, they too are victims of the crime committed and the State will protect their interests. Rape is a grave crime. So is sexual abuse. The person who commits it should be punished. But can we not spare his child ? What crime that child has done to the society ? He or she is unaware about the cruelty his father committed. Perhaps, when he or she grows up, he will contribute to the world to curb this injustice. Will he not love his mother ? Do you think he or she is going to justify the act done by his or her rapist father against his mother ? Can we kill him ? Can we afford to kill him ? Ask yourself ? Ask loudly to the world at large !

Do Some Thing...
Do some thing to save these babies. The society and media is against this. If you are convinced about the cause; if you believe that abortion is not justifiable, act on your own. You do not have to go out and preach. But do some thing creative. Convince your friends. Perhaps some one in your close company is thinking about abortion. Try to convince them; deter them. If these words can save at least one baby, I am satisfied. Be bold to act. Be bold to tell the truth.

The body parts of babies killed in the womb have a large market value and they are sold away for unbelievable prices by many hospitals on wholesale basis. These bodies are used for many industrial, and cosmetic applications. Please take a bit of your valuable browsing time to surf to the sites below :

The children are killed brutally: Abortion Methods

Abortion is dangerous:

It is easy and lucarative for a Doctor to suggest an abortion : Sure, the one with real ethics will never do that....but be beware of the rest who "Advice" their patients for a "Safe Abortion" Remember there is no such thing as "Safe Abortion". ABORTION IS NOTHING BUT KILLING AND IT IS DANGEROUS AND UNJUST. Think twice before you go for abortion....

Please share your valuable views....


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