Whether leaving India and Tamilnadu in search of greener pastures a crime??

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My friend govin has written the following article in his website under the title You dont need a Vis in his website http://www.geocities.com/mrgovin .

I dont agree with his views , still felt that many of the visitors to the forum could express their views/opinions/experiances/grievances (hehe....) ... anyhow just read the article reproduced below:

You dont need a Visa

Dear Friend,
Do you remember? You went through the history of IITs and RECs before you applying for a seat in one of these institutions. You felt so proud to know that these were formed to train an elite that could build and manage massive industrial development projects in your country, to build emotional integrity among future enterpreuners to be formed of different lingual and social background, to develop a nation that was most opt to become knowledge super power of the world! You happened to be one of the fittest to take the challenges this country posed at large!

So were you choosen among lakhs of aspirants to undergo this training in one of the IITs, RECs or any other premier institutions! All other Indians were only dreaming that you would transform this country to greater heights, while you were working hard to achieve your acquired goal of just a job in the United States. When did you change?

You were a bit confused while accepting that great offer of one of those great American companies, But you cannot stop by yourself, you went ahead, obtained H1B, lucrative career, went through five to ten years changed lifestyle, money, fame and what not! But, what are you doing there still, trying to earn more money for your fifth generation folks?

Dear friend, I know you are also equally concerned of the brains that drained off this country. But you are one among them, Think!

USA is wonderful! Yes, for how long? You are there for something. The US needs you for something. That is why you are paid well but only till they need you. Who needs a mechanical engineer there? Who needs a car mechanic there? They already have enough. They will not give H1B to any such worker. The only reason why a visa is granted to you was that you possess a skill that the US needed. Once they have enough of that skills, or to be precise - once they extract everything you could give, who will need you there? Do you remember those colleagues of yours who are back here in the recent past? Have you started thinking that you were being just lucky to stay there? Or do you still think that those who came back did not possess the required skills? Think!

Well, you are aware how an American professional differs from his Indian counterpart. You are aware of the political situations in America and India. You can see the gulf that exists between the quality of life in these two countries.

Like me, you are also deeply concerned about the long-term effect the brain drain would cause, specially in terms of social responsibility. And dont you want to return to India at the first opportunity?

So what prevents you from doing that?

The answer is simple: Like the thousands of NRIs there, You are afraid. Yes, you are afraid of losing the facilities that you have, the things you take for granted there.

Why do Indians work better in other countries? or Why are Indians at a better place? or Why Indians in the US or other economically better-off countries do well? Well, the answer was, they can succeed only where there is proper infrastructure.

So India does not have infrastructure. Yeah, right! As if USA got the infrastructure readymade! As if some divine power was so angry with India that it gave away all the good roads and buildings to USA!

Who is going provide you infrastructure? You were tought of Indian History here, and I am sure you should have gone through the history of America as well. When did your father, grandfather or even grand-grand father ever do anything towards infrastructure? You walk on the path you build. If you have not built your path, why do you blame others?

India is a dirty place to live in. Sure, that's because you have made it dirty. Even in the US, if you do not wash you clothes you will become dirty. Try throwing garbage on the road there and see!

Before settling down, do you remember, you were toiling all day at computer screens, cram into cheap apartments in strange cities, and cling to other Indians rather than venturing out into American society. Many of you now want to become US citizens. You stay back thinking US is wonderful -- clean, wide roads, good cars... What if I provide you all the above features in India? Wide roads, clean city, clean air, big houses, the works? Won't you come back?

If the answer is YES, then please come back. You can help yourself by helping India. Do your bit, and I am sure that you can transform India.

What prevents you? Is it true that you are afraid? Are you afraid of losing what you enjoy today? You are away from my near and dear ones but you think you are lucky. You can compromise. After all, you send them money. If you do not work in the US, how will you be rich? You would not get much in India.

But do you know deep down that you are not satisfied? You might be rich (in Indian currency), but you are not happy. You have a good car, but you cannot take your folks in it. You have a big house, but you live alone. You loved your small house in India. You were together with your parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, their childrens, neighbours.....

You never cared about your neighbour in the US. You will always care about them in India. You never cared about learning about India in India, I know you will make a point to do that better when you are back home. Please come home and do your part. You don't throw garbage on the streets there; You won't do that in India either. You drive very carefully there; You will drive carefully in India too.

You should be understanding the importance of love and loved ones. You must be understanding what your value is in your society. And you should make sure that you contribute as much as you can to it.

Much have changed here since you left.

Your juniors now say "My career is very important, but I don't want to miss out on family life. A lot of people go to the U.S. and never come back. I don't want to be one of those."

They have a choice now. With India's nascent high-tech industry expanding, a small but growing portion of our best and brightest graduates are staying home to launch careers. There are a lot of multinationals here, and they pay very well. Not only do they enjoy improving wages and technology here, they can now use the Internet and cheaper telecommunications to hone their skills and look for opportunities to develop the nation. The speed and access of the Internet are now making it possible for entrepreneurs to thrive in India without having to come to the West.

You have earned enough. Now bring back the money and bring back the business contacts. It will be fantastic. Some of you have proved it after coming back home. People talk about the Internet breaking geographical boundaries, so people here are out to find out if that's the case or not. We are sincerely trying to tap into the global market while living in India.

Dear friend, tell all the men out there that they can take Indians out of India and bring them to any place, but what they cannot do is take India out of Indians and before that make sure yourself that you still have that sense of belonging, that sense of roots.

Think of it, you don't need a visa to come home.


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