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Osama Bin Laden, you S.O.B.
You thought you'd distroy our whole country
You risked all those lives in each of those planes
The whole world knows now, you're completely insane.

The 25 million they've put on your head
We'd gladly give back just to know you are dead
The husband and wives, not to mention the kids
All lost their lives, cause you did what you did

Too Bad you didn't travel that day to New York
Then you would be dead, you mean *** old dork
It could have been you in those buildings that burned.
Then the whole world could see the lesson you learned.

Osama we know what you're all about
We know you're responsible without any doubt
I'm sick of seeing your face on the screen
Just looking at you shows us that you're mean

So while you are running and hiding, watch your back.
Cause our boys are coming and they are not slack
They will take their big guns and blow off your head
And piss on your grave long after you're dead

The hate that we feel for you and your guys,
Has made us much smarter, more weary and wise
Our men, they will find you, you can't hide forever
Our guys are smart, suspicious and cleaver.

I hope when they find you they bring you back here
With Sh**in your pants, and a heart full of fear
They should tie you somewhere, where the twin towers stood,
And let people beat you as hard as they could.

I'd be first in line to look in your face,
I'd try hard to shatter it all over the place,
Then no matter where I walk on pavement or grass
Then you could look up and kiss my ***.

We could all kill you with our hands and a rod,
But we'd be no match for your day with GOD.
We make take you out with our guns and a sword,
But "Vengence is mine" saith the Lord.

"An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth",
I'd hate to be Osama, when he's through with you
God will prevail to the very end
Then you'll live in HELL with your next of Kin.

Osama Bin Laden this note is for you.
For Special Delivery by a B-52.

Written By: Kim Moseley
Date Written: 11/30/2001


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