What is SET TOP BOX ?

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TV is also known as Idiot box. But still people are watching it. Now a days we will have to spent around Rs.250/- per month to watch TV.
The cable operator gives some number of channels. But everybody can not watch all the channels given by the cable operator. Everybody will watch some particular channels only. Then why we should give money to the cable operator for all the channels.

In some countries one has to install a SET TOP BOX in his TV. What ever channels and how long time we are watching are recorded in the SET TOP BOX. And it will show you how much amount you have to pay the cable operator. With this box one can save lot money.

Soon it will come to India also. The SET TOP BOX cost and the installation charges will be around Rs.7000/-. And I hope that the monthly cable money will be around Rs.50/-. Let us wait and see.

Anybody has more news about SET TOP BOX, please write it.



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