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Dear friends,
Brahmins have never wilingly exploited the lower castes.This was forced by the dreadful "Manusmriti" created by an evil minded person called "Manu".Much of the exploitation consisted of "Ostracism or keeping away " of the Lower castes.This is bad enough but brought more so by ignorance both on account of the brahmins and the other castes.
The lower castes too did not help the matter.If you look at it impartially lower castes have poor hygene values ,very little desire to learn sanskrit or Vedas and a very different ( Tamasic" form of worship) from brahmin worship (Sattvic). Lower castes are non-veg while brahmins are veg.Lower castes slaughter animals as their form of worship.Drinking,smoking,non-veg are abominable to brahmins but permissable to lower castes .
It is because of these fundamental differences that it is very difficult to reconcile the caste issue.
Hence the noted visionary Bodisattva Dr. B.R Ambedkar gave us the worlds' best constitution.Let us follow it and throw the "Manusmriti & Sashtras" into the dustbin.Let there be no caste system.Let Non-veg/veg be a matter of personal choice and not an institutional enforcement. OR Let Hindu society be a multi-caste society with no hatred or exploitation between the castes.

Please let me know your response,

Love you all,

Your's sincerely,


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