How to avoid such disasters in the future?

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Even the so called Super Power in the world has
not escaped from this man made disasters.
If it is the case how countries like India are
going to prevent/afford such happenings in the future. I certainly believe that there is a need for the change in approach in our policies towards our so called enemies. Or we have to
prepare ourselves mentally to face such
atrocities/jehads/freedom figts. I would like
to remember that our Human rights commission
has reported that the army atrocities who
fight against terrorists/freedom fighters has
increased to 800%. As a human being I would like
to be safe ever. And also I want to keep my
friends/relatives safe. Can we prevent the enemies doing such things militarily? If not
what do we need to do? I am not asking this
out of fear. I just want a peaceful life.
Do you like the same? Please tell me how we
can convince our enemies...


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